OK Avatar is absofuckinglutely amazing! I saw it today with my one of my best friends. OMG the visual effects are stunning.

That is all for now.



The one thing I hate about Christmas is how much I have to eat.

Last night we went over to my dad's cousin's house for her annual Christmas party. That was loads of fun, I got to see my second cousins new baby boy hes freaking adorable! Well he's like 6 months old now so not technically new but anyway... I had a drink and one of my other relatives was all, "You can drink? I still remember you when you were little!"

Then tonight my grandparents and my aunt and uncle came over for dinner. 2 of their kids were supposed to come with but one was sick and the other wanted to spend time with his girlfriend. So we have so much food I could feed a small army... hmm I wonder what it would take to lure an army home cough cough... fun. For the next 3-4 weeks I'll be eating turkey and ham.

My grandma has finally realized that she can't do all the stuff she used to do, maybe. She fell down the basement stairs yesterday. Shes fine, just really sore and a few bruises on her thighs and back and a scrape on her head. I told her that if she needed anything at all that she get her butt on the phone and call me.

My waste of atomic mass brother in law is under house arrest for 2 1/2 years on a drug purchasing charge... He's a fucking retard... I have no idea what attracted my sister to him since I thought she was smarter than that. The great part is that hes my soon to be niece/nephew's father, so now I have to worry about that...

In other news I'm completely done with classes for the semester now and I'm all signed up for next semesters classes. Abnormal Psychology, Race and Ethnic Diversity, Arabic, Spanish, and German. That's right people 3 foreign languages, the class I was planning to take filled too soon and I needed 2 more credits to meet the full time student classification. So next semester I need to balance out 3 entirely different languages.

Other than that not much is going on right now, loads of prep for Christmas since we have dinner at our house Christmas day. Which means I end up cleaning the house once a day... I've dusted everything at least 3 times now.

And now my Christmas present for you all

TJ - Shadows by =FuzzyYak on deviantART

Hugs and Merry Christmas



The funny part is that I totally got tipsy with my mother there, and she paid for it!!!

Some of the people she works with invited her out, cuz one guy won half a keg, and my mother being the social butterfly she is decided to take him up on the offer cuz we would be on the Ave anyway.

I got my normal cherry vodka and Sprite but the bartender put in like 3 1/2 shots of vodka in the first drink and like 5 in the second one. So my body is in a rather pleasant state of, "I see my arm move and then I feel it move." I'm still coherent enough to use words like coherent, but my body feels fuzzy.

Just thought I'd let you know.... Hic!



The mighty lord Under Armor!

I am so happy I have Under Armor!!! Without it I most definitely would have frozen my already tiny tush off while I was blowing the 14-18 inches of snow we had in on Tuesday night. I woke up on Wednesday morning and the snow was almost to the windowsill in my bedroom. All this on our first real snow, I'm just worried that if we get many more storms the snow piles on the streets will get so high that you cant see over them.

Although, I am thankful for that much snow cuz it canceled classes on Wednesday!

Speaking of classes I took my Arabic final on Tuesday night, I hope I did alright on it. Thankfully it was an open book final so unless my ability to read mysteriously failed me I must have done fine on it (I don't even know why we took a final, the teacher said that we passed the class regardless.) Next week we're going out to eat for class, so I'll get to try some "authentic" Arabic food.

Next semester one of the classes I wanted to take filled up before I got registered, so in order to maintain the minimum 12 credits I need to stay on my parents health insurance I had to add another class. The class I was hoping to take was a bio course worth 4 credits that would have put me at 14, but since that was full I threw German in to bump me up to 12. So next semester I'm taking 3 languages! Now I just need to keep them all straight.

Hey all! Been a bit since it posted last but nothing incredibly exciting has happened recently.

I just got home from Starbucks, I was bored and wanted to do something so I met my friend Faith there. Now I don't drink coffee, the smell kinda repulses me, but it didn't smell that horrible. She had a paper to write so we chatted as she was typing. It was a good time and Starbucks has really good polar bear frosted cookies.

Today I went over to my grandparents house because they needed my help to put the Christmas tree up. So I'm getting the tree put together its a pre-lit fake tree so I'm hunting through all the branches for the plugs so it all lights up.

So I get everything plugged together and I ask my grandma if all the ornaments were upstairs or if they were still in the basement. She tells me that the box is right on the chair in the corner, now my grandpa is a woodworker and made ornaments for the family for 15+ years. So there were literally 500 ornaments ( a large chunk of which got sent to the 5 sons.) I know there are more boxes somewhere but my grandma is swearing up and down that the only box of ornaments is upstairs. I go downstairs and bring up 2 boxes of ornaments and she was stunned.

After we had lunch she asked me what time I got home after Thanksgiving at my uncles. I was silent for a second and then said "Grandma, I drove you home on Thanksgiving." She goes "Oh god, that's right. I had completely forgot." Now my grandma is 77 so forgetfulness is no surprise but it worries me sometimes that there really should be someone there to take care of her and my gramps.



I totally rocked the face off that presentation! That's not even the best part though, I took my math final before I gave the speech, so I'm pretty much done with 2 classes!

I still have to go to my Ethics class to listen to the other students projects, but other than that we eat the whole time. I just hope they have my final graded by Monday, I'd like to know my score ASAP.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We always go down to my uncles' house and have lunch there, it's loads of fun and normally involves the family Mario Kart Tourney. I'm usually in charge of keeping my younger cousins entertained, but seeing as they're 13-14 I think they can entertain themselves. Now the only question is do I want to try the strange wines one set of relatives brings or not...

Thanks to everyone who was willing to help me with my presentation! I have a ton of really good info now, and I'm sure presenting it will go well.



I need your help!

I need people from other countries to give me some of the ethical hot topics their country is dealing with. For example, what is your countries stance on abortion and how do you feel about abortion?

I was hoping to chat with Torchy and Dzyan but Dzyan is offline now and Torchy has been kinda incognito for the past couple days.

If you're willing to help I'll be online til midnight here (thats another 3 hours) and to 1pm tomorrow afternoon.

It's either you guys help me or I have to BS a good chunk (all) of it.

PLEASE HELP!!!! (I'll love you forever!)



I tracked down Dzyan and got his help! Now I just need info from 2 more people and my presentation will be FABULOUS!

I need to be out of this house before my mother babyproofs everything... So at what age do babies start crawling?

All this is brought on by my sister having a baby this coming February. We went changing table shopping tonight, and while we were at Babies'R'Us, my sister was looking at all the babyproofing stuff for cabinets and the corners of tables. I told her that the only things she needed to babyproof were the electrical outlets and the cupboard where you keep your cleaning supplies.

My sisters and I all made it through our childhood years alive, and I played with metal toys with small parts! Parents need to teach their children not to put everything in their mouths, not give them oversized toys. Parents need to let their kids play outside and eat dirt and scrape knees, not coddle them until they lose all ability to care for themselves. Hell, my grandpa made it through the Great Depression and he made scooters out of broken roller skates and boxes. If every fear of modern day parents came true none of us would be alive right now.

I also want to know what she's having so I can put a name to it, I'm tired of saying "my niece or nephew," I just want to say one label! Oh and for baby names they've picked Christopher Leroy for a boy and Genevieve... ummm... forgot the middle name... for a girl.



Ok, so I just finished watching the AMA's and I have to say that I'm kinda shocked and horrified by Adam Lambert's performance. I mean his publicists had a fit that he was on the cover of a gay magazine, and here he is shoving a guys face in his crotch and he's apparently into bondage since he had a guy on a leash and was whipping him with it.

Adam we all know that you're gayer than a three dollar bill, hell you're even more fabulous than me! But in my defense I can't pull off the covered in glitter look.

In other news, loads of drama on Friday night which lead to a very nice walk with my father. Assassin's Creed II is possibly better than sex and I can't wait for the threequel. I'm planning on gorging myself on Thanksgiving, and I really need to go see New Moon.

I'm excited that school is almost over! Just 3 more weeks and its Christmas break, now all I have to do is sign up for next semester's classes and find a means of income...

Ok, so me being me, I started to get crazy nervous about a half hour before the meeting. Which in my case means I either feel nauseous or incredibly hungry... I always felt that way before I ran a race in track.

Back on track, I wander outside the room until noon 30 when the faculty adviser showed up. As far as I know I'm totally the cutest guy there, but then again there's only like 4 or 5 college age students in the class.

The president walks in with a total afro and a voice deeper than mine, and it's a girl. But everyone seems nice and apparently I know at least one other member of the group, so it will be pretty interesting.

Oh and somehow I got wrangled into working a table for AIDS awareness... Still don't know how exactly that happened but whatevs.

I damn near punched my Spanish teacher today, he was being a gigantic douche to everyone and me in particular. The class is turned out to be a lot easier then I had expected, and by the time I really noticed how slow it was going I couldn't transfer up to the higher levels. I could teach that class, and I'd be nicer about it than him.

That's my day... now I'm sitting at home watching Dancing with the Stars with my mom, finishing up this post before I go stealthily assassinate Italians.



Tomorrows the big day! It's all Biki's fault too, she's all "you should totally go find out whats up with the gay support group at your school." So I went and talked to the faculty supervisor for S.A.G.A, Straight and Gay Alliance, and the next meeting is tomorrow at noon 30.

Ah, what do I wear? What if I get a giant pimple in the middle of my forehead?

jk jk I'm not that shallow. I already had my outfit picked out last week when I talked to her :P

I have to make treats for my ethics class on the 15th of December... what to bake... Anyone got any good recipes for something so sweet it rots your teeth before it even gets close to your mouth? I should bake a cake, I loves me some cake!

Apparently I'm a smoother talker than I ever thought. I had to give a presentation today and I BS'd the whole thing, gotta say not the first time I've done it but its never gone so smoothly or believably before.

This post is kinda random I know, but now I'm hungry for cake and the stuff from the grocery store just won't cut it.

I think I look totally amazing in this shirt!

I don't think I explained myself very well in my last post, even though it took me like an hour and a half to figure out how I wanted to word everything...

I didn't intend for my theory to sound as a form of birth control. I also didn't mean that there are more homosexuals now than there have been in the past.

I meant we can be far more visible now, because there isn't so much pressure to have a family, whereas when populations were highly volatile being affected by disease and war, the pressure to carry on the family name and have children were much higher. I'm sure that there were loads of gays in all of history, but they probably felt that the need to keep the family business in the family for generations would be more important than acting on their real desires.

@Ryan: I didn't intend to make it seem that gays would stop being gay, I meant that if i had to choose between having sex with men and saying screw the species and having sex with a woman to save our race, I would choose to propagate the species. I wouldn't necessarily enjoy the act, but I would feel that keeping the human race would be more important. Btw, I have a Yahoo Messenger and a Windows Live account (which as far as I can tell is msn) if you want to chat shoot me an email and I'll do my best.

@Naturgesetz: I feel the knowledge that there are nations with an overabundance of people "promotes" more gay relationships in those countries that are better off. I, at least, can not consciously have a woman bear my children when I know that there are children out there living in squalor, sure I would like to have a child that is biologically mine but I feel that if I adopted a child I would love it no less than if it had been created by me.

@Aek, Micky, Mom(Biki): I got nothing for you... as I cleared up the whole visibility thing in the third paragraph. I also can't think of anything to contest/complement your comments.



So as I said a few posts back my thought processes confuse the hell out of me sometimes, so this just kinda popped into my head and I went with it.

The topic for tonight's discussion is homosexuality.

Has anyone noticed the increase in gay or lesbian population in the last, I don't know, 30 years? Now to me there only seems to be a few options as to why this could happen.

Here is my "evidence" as to my opinions.

Ancient Greece, famous for its art, philosophy and sciences. Also well known for it's gay relationships. Greece was and still is a challenging nation to get across on foot or even by car, meaning the city-states could never interact the way our cities do. This essentially confined the cities to their respective valleys, meaning that when a city reached a certain point in population the need to reproduce declined so it could meet certain economic needs i.e. food, water, and shelter. They lived within a society where their infant death rate was dramatically lower than the "barbarian" civilizations of ancient Germany and France, so they didn't need to reproduce like rabbits to maintain their populations. Ancient Greeks, by my logic then, could concentrate on the things that made their civilization great, art, science, medicine and methods of sex that would result in overwhelming populations, cuz lets face it sheep skins aren't that great of contraception.

Now fast forward to today, with almost 7 billion people on this planet right now we're getting close to fallout status. Millions of people are starving, going without water, and living in slums. We can no longer afford continue to populate the earth as rapidly as we do. In leading nations such as the U.S. and most of if not all of Europe, there is an incredibly low infant mortality rate and our elderly generally live to be older than ever before. After World War Two there was a dramatic baby boom, in my own family my grandparents had 5 sons. Given these factors, and the already sorry state of the economy, we've subconsciously come to realize that we can't continue to expand our population as we have in the past, and have turned to homosexuality as an outlet for sexual needs without the danger of pregnancy.

If there were a pandemic, a real one not this swine flu crap, that wiped out a large portion of the worlds population, I honestly feel that the homosexual population would decline dramatically in an effort to save the human species. The drive to procreate is a huge part of all people, even gays, we've all heard stories about gay men and women fighting for adoption rights. This drive would override all sexual preference in the person and turn into a need to preserve the tribe/pack/gaggle insert your favorite term of venery.

Ok, that's me waxing philosophical. I know I'm insane, I myself don't understand how this topic came up in my head... But sometimes strange things just dawn on me. Sorry if this offends anyone... but it's my opinion, if you want to talk to me about it comment or send me an email.



I had a thought! I know scary, right? I am going to continue developing this thought today and make a very philosophical post later.

So as I said this morning its Wolfi's birthday, and you should all go wish him a happy birthday.

I volunteer at the performing arts center in Appleton and this week they had Rent, I worked on Wednesday and saw loads of cute guys. I also saw a woman's bare ass... when they were singing La Vie Boheme, the woman playing Maureen pulls down her pants and grinds on Benny the jerkoff trying to kick them out of their appartment/squat. I've also decided that "I'll Cover You" will be my wedding song.

I've been able to chat with Torchy, Biki, and Mr. GaGaa! I've also adopted Biki as my mother, she's totally awesome and her sense of humor is amazing and scarily similar to mine. I put that chat box on the side for you guys to chat with me... so if you don't use it you're missing out on my amazing wit and humor.

Other than that its been a pretty boring week. Classes are as gripping and intellectually appealing as ever, and by those two adjectives I mean drab and mind blowingly slow.

And now for some gratuitous eye candy!

noviembre sin ti by ~quemas on deviantART

Is Wolfi's birthday!!!

Go wish him a happy birthday!

I'll probably do another post later today but it's 1am and this boy should be asleep.

G'night/good morning


Well, all that work I put into getting my blood just right was for FUCKING NOTHING.

I texted Faith (the girl I was going to the ave with) this morning and never got a response so I just figured she was at work and couldn't respond. I texted her again tonight before I left, again no response, so I figured that she had her phone in her purse and didn't notice it.

Well, I went down to the ave in hopes of finding her at The Bar, I know really original name for a bar, I sat around there for an hour getting complements on my costume and drinking my black cherry vodka and sprite, couldn't find her.

So I tried calling, "We're sorry, your service has been temporarily disconnected due to an overdue balance."

I'm incredibly pissed off at this point, so I just say fuck it, drove home, and proceed to get screamed at when I asked if this months bill had been paid.

Mom didn't pay the mother fucking phone bill.

Dad is currently trying to get the phones back working, but I don't know if they'll work tonight yet.

I've had one drink, I've been screamed at by my mother, and I've "stood up" people that I like because my mom can't manage her time well. And she blames it on me that everyone expects so much of her...

Too angry for hugs right now...

I found that if you put a little flour in the fake blood it thickens it up enough that it will stick, otherwise it just ran down my face.

I'm bringing my camera with so hopefully I'll get some more pics.



Torchy, the Prince of Perve, sent me some pics that really got my motor revving! Seriously, you have no idea how excited I got when I opened that envelope and out came the pics of that hot ride. I tell you what, it's beautiful. Torchy knows how to take a great pic of a beautiful thing, I just hopes he knows how to handle his incredible abilities.

I, of course, am talking about the AMAZING pictures of the Bugatti Veyron, you perverts.The three gorgeous pics he sent me were for my birthday, and although I just got them today, due to a clerical error in the post offices of England I'm sure, they are my favorite birthday present ever!

These pics bumped Torchy to the top spot on my unofficial boyfriend list. Now if only there weren't a few thousand miles of land and ocean between the two of us I could thank him in person.




P.S. Dave you've got some competition :P

I think I figured out what I'm going to wear for Halloween. I own a pinstripe suit and fedora, so I'm thinking a 30's era gangster, but I want to be a dead gangster with a bullet hole in my head. So now I need to find someone who's good with makeup to shoot me in the skull, so to speak.

I figured all this out while I was at the mall.

Speaking of being at the mall, I'm pretty sure that high school boys are like 100 to the power of n hotter than they used to be. My high school had 7-8 boys that I would have gone for, which is pretty decent considering there were only 700 students there. I'm walking through the mall and there were like 60 guys that I'd totally hit on... if they weren't jail bait...

Zombie hugs,


Ok, so my friend Faith invited me out on Halloween. Now, if I want free drinks I need to dress up. I haven't dressed up for All Hallow's Eve since I was... umm... 10 maybe.

So I need costume ideas and that is where you fine gentlemen come into play.

Soooo you have free reign to suggest anything... as long as I can go into public with it on.



I normally don't like MadTV, but I do like this skit.

I've had people like that in movies... They won't stop talking or they keep kicking the chairs behind you.

All this comes from me trying to look for the car crash scenes from the Blues Brothers movies on YouTube. Cuz I just finished watching Blues Brothers 2000 and the car crash's always get me, I swear every time they change out the for the new model of police cruiser they made a movie and just wrecked them.

And the only reason I watched BB2000 was because last night I watched the Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson, and the voodoo in that movie reminded me that Erykah Badu, uses voodoo on Dan Akroyd, who I saw in Ghost Busters 2 today.

Sometimes my thought process even confuses me.



P.S. The lyric from the last post was from the Thong Song, and I put it in because they sang it on Glee!

Is it weird that I love the show Cougar Town? It's about a woman who is trying to recapture her youth, by having sex with 20 year olds well one 20 y/o and he's hott, because she got pregnant right out of high school.

It's got Courtney Cox from Friends, and Cristina Miller who was Dr. Cox's wife on Scrubs. Its freaking hysterical, like I actually laugh out loud. I never actually make noise when I laugh, I do more of this soundless chuckle thing it's normal to me but my friends think its strange.

Anywho... My pops is flying to Texas tomorrow. His boss bought 3 or 4 new semis (lorries for all my British readers) and he gets to go down in the company jet and drive them back with the other guys he works with. This will probably be the only time he ever sees that jet, his boss is a bit of a miser.

She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck... Name that song.



I'm a month ahead of the scheduled finish for my math class, so that means I'll be completely finished with it 2 weeks before Thanksgiving! The best part is once I take that final I don't have to go back to that classroom for the rest of the semester.

Here's a song that I found on Itunes and I really like it.

Today we had a voters meeting at church to call a new pastor, cuz our current pastor is 60 years old. The president of the congregation comes up to us and goes, "Would you and Dave be willing to count the ballots?" I just shake my head...

He calls me by the wrong name EVERY TIME he sees me, and I just want to scream that my name is DREW. I mean honestly is it that hard of a name to remember?

The secretary calls my name in the roll call and 2 minutes later the pres. calls me Dave again, I say to my dad, "5 bucks says he calls me Dave at least 2 more times by the end of the meeting." Now, my father being a wise man declined the bet, cuz he would have owed me money.

Normally these call meetings go for like 3 hours because of all the things that need to be taken into account when making a call. These range from the age of the pastor, whether he has children and how old they are, and other items like that. So I was surprised when it only took an hour and a half.

We're calling a pastor from Florida, I almost feel bad asking him to move from balmy and beautiful to frigid and frozen. If he returns the call (declines it) we'll do the whole voting process over again, and again until a pastor decides to accept our call.

omnomnom by `ladytwiglet on deviantART

I don't know why but I think this pic is adorable, found it on DeviantArt one of my new favorite websites.

Go to this Drew's Fav's and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out why :P

Nothing really exciting going on right now, just classes and job hunting.

I may not have to get braces again!!!!!

I went to the oral maxillofacial surgeon yesterday to talk about the splint my dentist recommended, this splint would essentially rip my jaw forward in an attempt to catch the cartilage cup/disc/thing that sits in between your jaw and skull. Now to get the disc back where its supposed to be would require the slow process of working it back with braces. This would supposedly stop my jaw from cracking forever.

However, the oral surgeon recommended that I get a different kind of splint, its essentially a mouth guard that I would wear at night to keep me from clenching or grinding my teeth. Now, it won't stop my jaw from cracking but it will reduce the frequency and the possibility that my jaw will lock open or closed.

If I get my way I'm going with the second option cuz I really don't want braces again.

Yay for no metal mouth!



I want to do something, anything that doesn't involve being in the state of Wisconsin. Right now, not over the weekend, not over any of the school breaks, now.

You know what I want to do really bad?

I want to climb El Capitan in Yosemite , I want to go white water rafting, I want to base jump into the freaking Grand Canyon. Anything to get some adrenalin and excitement into my body.

Being responsible sucks. I wish I could just drop everything I'm doing and go live.

I think this drive to do something is so strong because I know winter is going to set in soon and everything just turns so bland with all the white and gray...

If I read books too fast, if i don't take the time to appreciate the story.

Anyway... I finished Breaking Dawn about 15 minutes ago. Yes, I read Eclipse in about 10 hours and Breaking Dawn in 9 or 10. I stayed up to 3am this morning reading... sometimes I get so engrossed in something that I just don't feel the need to stop. This should be fairly evident in the fact that I finished 4 books with at least 600 pages a piece However, I do know when I have to stop, I get crazy hungry when I'm up past 2 and a hungry me is not a happy me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight Saga, it's definitely on my list of rereads.

Has anyone besides me read Wraeththu?

If you haven't, its by Storm Constantine and I loved it so its high on my recommendation list. Go buy it, the subject matter will probably surprise you.

Hugs from your literary nerd,


So, a few days ago it turned really freaking cold. There were 30+ mph winds, it was absolutely frigid. It really hasn't gotten much better, still cold and windy. Winter is not supposed to hit this rapidly, even in Wisconsin.

Ok so a while back my mom changed jobs, I had high hopes that this would relieve some of the stress she had. Well apparently, I raised my hopes a little too high... I won't go into details. I just have to tell myself that as soon as I save up enough cash, I'm going to find an apartment and a boyfriend.

Oh, as to the question about why my boss doesn't go to church. He was raised Catholic, and married WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod). Another thing is that he essentially lives at the shop, I'm not joking there were a few weeks where I don't think he went home, so on Sundays he's taking care of some aspect of owning a business. He does come every so often, but only when business is really slow.

Off to dreamland, someone come snuggle with me.


It's only Tuesday and I feel exhausted. It probably doesn't help that I stayed up to 2:30am on Sunday or was it Monday, I don't remember, finishing "New Moon."

Has anyone noticed how SMOKING Taylor Lautner is?
Excuse me while I go relieve some umm... tension.

He's the only reason I will see the movie. Well, thats not true most of the other guys are gorgeous too, not Robert Pattinson though he looks like he's done too many drugs for me.

I'm also excited for Where the Wild Things Are! It looks SO GOOD!

Anywho, I'm off to bed... I have some papers to write in the morning. Well, they're not really papers but more... random thoughts written typed up and called a journal. Literally that's how my prof described them to us when she gave us our syllabus.



So this past weekend was Oktoberfest in Appleton. We always go, every year for as long as I can remember. Oktoberfest is held on College Avenue downtown. I love going, I normally eat oodles of great food.

This year though I just had a Tiger Paw. Now for those of you who don't know what that is... It is also known as an Elephant Ear, and it is basically bread dough, deep fried and covered in sugar. SOOO GOOD!!!

Yesterday was Sunday so we start at church. Now I have the INCREDIBLE pleasure of going to the same church as my boss... well my boss's wife. She's never been incredibly polite or nice at all, but last year when she had a stroke she lost what little filter she had for her contempt of humanity. So yesterday we're leaving church and she goes, "So WHEN are you coming back to work? We're swamped right now and could use all the extra help we can get." I reply politely that I was supposed to start back up in October and that I would get my schedule of availability to him the next day. When I was really thinking, "Listen, he has my home and cell phone numbers if he were really SOO busy that he needed me, why didn't he call?"

In other news, both my parents now know about my piercings. They pretty much just shook their heads and said I was crazy, but I knew that already.

My cousin is getting married soon, in Oconomowoc (some of you might need help pronouncing that one). My uncle sent an email saying he was reserving a block of rooms for everyone for after the reception, but he didn't say in the message where the wedding was... that's my uncle for you. If I remember correctly the wedding will be next spring/early summer, so that will be nice. I think he did it cuz he remembered that after the last wedding I went to I got into a car accident driving home... totaled my car, maybe I'll do a post about that next.

My grandparents are good, crabby and stubborn as usual. According to my grandfather every major league athlete who has long hair is a homosexual, now this has been toned down cuz he seems to enjoy saying queer loud enough that people two blocks down can here. Oh to be born during the Great Depression, go through WW II, have 13 grandchildren, and be 86. Like I said my family's pretty crazy. I still love him though, even if he doesn't necessarily condone homosexuality he will tolerate it since the guy across the street lives with his boyfriend. What can you do with old people...

Well, I guess that's it for now.



I just love the little pop ups, they are too funny!

Did I miss the memo that says we have to make a celebratory post for our 100th post?

Cuz after this I hit it 4 posts ago... so... um...


I don't have any classes tomorrow! So I'm heading over to my grandparents for the afternoon.

I should probably go talk to my boss at work about setting up my schedule for the winter, I need some cash flow again.

I should also really start looking for alternate work, I really don't want to spend another summer breaking my back for $9 an hour...



Ahlan, ismee ana Drew! (Hello my name is Drew)

Tyler from Thoughts of a Gay Boy in Highschool is playing a fun little game, you make a mosaic of pictures answering questions.

1) Where are you from? (you can choose to answer with your country, state/province, or city)
2) What' your favourite food?
3) What's your favourite drink?
4) What's your ideal/favourite (future) job/career?
5) What's your favourite thing about yourself?
6) What's the place you most want to visit?
7) What's your favourite body feature on someone else?
8) What's your favourite Movie?
9) What's your favourite TV show?
10) Choose one word that best describes you
11) What time period would you most like to have lived in? (in the past)
12) What's the next thing you're (probably...) going to purchase?

My answers:

1. Wisconsin
2. Spaghetti Pie
3. Lemonade
4. World Traveler think Anthony Bourdain
5. Everything, I wouldn't be me without all the bits and pieces.
6. London or Mexico City, ahem... you know why
7. Abs
8. Fight Club!!!
9. GLEE!!!!!!!
10. Musical
11. Ancient Greece
12. Black Chuck Taylors

Dave, what if the love babies looked like Torchy, HMM?

So, Arabic was pretty fun and the whole 3 different ways to write the letters isn't really that bad. Now, I just have to learn to read and write from right to left. My teacher is originally from Iran, so it's not like I've got some guy who thinks he knows what he's saying.

Wanna know something? There are only 4 students in the class. That officially makes it THE smallest class I have ever been in. But it should be really good, there are 10 or 12 Egyptian students at my college and they might come in to talk with us. Nothing like total immersion to teach you a language!

Ma'a s-salaama (goodbye)



Sorry to everyone who was unable to watch the clip... it was a bit from Saturday Night Live.

If anyone has seen it before its called "Really!?!" It was about Kanye West, and for those who didn't see it probably the best line in it is, "Kanye if you see an old lady holding a "Worlds best Grandma" mug and you think you know a better grandma, don't slap it out of her hand."

In other news, my piercings seem to be healing nicely. Just a little bruising around the left one, but otherwise okay. I haven't been sleeping all that well because of them though... I can't sleep on my stomach for a while and I stay half awake cuz I'm afraid I'll roll over onto them. It's kinda like when you know you have to be up early so you keep looking at the clock even though its like 5 hours away.

Oh, tomorrow I start my Arabic class! I'm kinda nervous, but in all I'm more excited. The thing I'm most worried about is the writing, I mean there are three different ways to write EACH letter, EACH! If the letters at the beginning of the word you write it like this, if it's in the middle you do that, and at the end is something completely different. How will I remember it all?

Has anyone noticed how we all defer anything medical to Aek? I would just like to say that should we ever find out who or where Aek is, he'd probably be able to start a profitable private practice based entirely on a gay/bi clientele. Just a thought.



Nothing really exciting today... Went to The Little Farmer, an apple orchard on Lake Winnebago, for some caramel apples and pies and such.

Told/showed my mom about my piercings and just got a "Man you're weird." I told her at church cuz I figured she wouldn't make a scene there.

Great chat with Fer last night and I got a chance to talk Dave too! In this conversation I agreed to carry his love babies, so despite the technical difficulties involved, I'm sure Aek can figure out a solution with his medical expertise.



Fer asks and he shall recieve!

Drew's Fav song of the week #10

British band Muse just had their first show in the states at the VMA's, where they rocked the faces off the audience.

Loads of other good songs like Super Massive Blackhole, Time Is Running Out, and Knights of Cydonia. Check them out if you like a bit of rock in your morning cereal.

As Torchy mentioned in one of my previous posts I had this pic of myself.
In this pic I am mysteriously hairless, while in the previous post I am fuzzy. Now, I understand being hairy is something guys have to deal with, but I for the most part do not enjoy being so. Chest hair just bothers me, I don't know why but it does. So every once in a while when I'm feel like being an over achiever I'll shave my chest.

I shave with an electric razor cuz I'm lazy... so normally I use my preshave alcohol stuff to numb and go from my face south. I use the sideburn trimmer to shorten anything long and just shave the rest. I pretty much just do the trail and shape the top of the... ahem...

Yes it gets all stubbly when it grows back in, and yes it itches like a trucker. I've never noticed any lines.

As I said this is only done on for when I'm feeling ambitious, and I've been lazy lately so I'm furry. I have considered just doing my chest cuz its been irritating me, I have alot of V-neck shirts (not really deep V's but deep enough) and it bothers me when it shows.

I now have 4 extra holes in my body.
They should take about 6 months to fully heal, but as long as my body doesn't reject them I'm happy!

My act of rebellion is now complete.

The RN who did the piercing was going through all the safety measures I should do to make sure that I don't hurt myself, "Now you can't sleep on your stomach for a while, and you have to be really careful during sexual activity." I just kinda had to laugh at that... I go "Oh I don't have to worry then, besides getting these done without my parents knowing, I'm generally the "good boy."

Surprisingly the thing that hurt the most was the clamp she put on to pull the skin up. I mean, I felt the needle going through but it was pretty much just like donating blood. When she put the barbell in it stung a bit cuz the threads on it catch a little skin, but otherwise it wasn't bad.

Such a rebel.



First, totally had a great chat yesterday with Fer!

Ok, so in my Yum post I talked about how my ears were weird and I said that there was a story behind it so here it is.

I was carried for an extra month, my original due date was sometime in August. Well that came and went and my mom was a little concerned, so they went to the doctor to get a checkup. Doc said that I was fine and that as long as there was no stress on me or my mother, I would come when I was ready to come. So, on the 5th of September at about 11pm I decided to come, well... about half way through i decided to be a brat and be born facing up instead of down or down instead of up (I obviously can't remember I had more important things to worry about, like "why am I being squeezed out like tooth paste?"). So they gave up on trying to turn me over and just pulled me out with a suction cup (my sisters would tell me they did it with a toilet plunger when i was older...) at about 1am on the 6th.

Now, because I was carried an extra month my skin had started to dry out, so I shed like a snake. That and my ears were folded in on themselves, I know "DREW, you're really weird!" Anyway, within an hour of my birth I had a plastic surgeon figuring out what to do to fix it. So, for the first few weeks I basically had sticky putty behind my ears and masking tape on the lobes to flatten them out.

Consequently, my ears stick out a little farther than "normal" ears, which led to hours of me being called Dopey (like the dwarf from Snow White) or Dumbo... Children can be so mean...

Now you know the story of my strange birth.

Oh, another fun fact is that my dad almost passed out in the delivery room LOL.




pps: Torchy, why don't I ever get invited to the movies? :P

I'm totally eating half a watermelon right now.

This is also yummy.
The Bugatti Veyron. In my opinion the very definition of sex on wheels. It also costs 5 million pounds to make one car. So, seeing as most of us will never see that kind of money in our lifetimes, I will definitely be taking Torchy up on that offer.

As far as my "I turned 21 lets do something stupid" plan, I haven't done it yet. I'm doing some research on what I'm planning. I'm thinking of getting my hips pierced, cuz I think its kinda hot. Plus, piercings only leave scars that will tan out after a while.
Matthew Lush, of some Youtube fame, is a perfect example for pierced hips. I think its the best choice as it's fairly inconspicuous and not permanently permanent like a tattoo would be (although I want at least one of those too).

The only thing I will NEVER EVER EVER do is gauge my ears. It's SO weird to me, "Yay, I've stretched my ears to the point where I can put a dinner plate in there!!! Now, how do I get back to normal?" My ears already look weird enough the way it is, there's a story about that for another day.



Normally it would be me who has to ask for some spare cash to make sure I can pay for my gas or some such thing. I mean, I'm the irresponsible 21 y/o who hasn't balanced his checkbook in, umm, since I opened the account...

SO, I get to loan my pop five hundred dollars to make sure he can cover one of the bills, which he forgot would be withdrawn this week.

I'm completely fine with having to do this, they're my parents and it's eventually going to be taking care of them one way or another, but I didn't think it would be this soon. Oh well, he'll pay me back by the end of the week.



P.S. Watching Top Gear right now and I will officially have sex with anyone who owns a Bugatti Veyron.

Well as the title says I'm back at home.

So hibachi is freaking DELICIOUS, OMG I had swordfish (something I've never had before) with teriyaki on it and it was amazing! The rice was freaking good too. I'm definitely going to more hibachis. We went there for dinner on Saturday night, and it was a blast.

As far as Friday night and the Safetysuit concert goes, that too was amazing but in a slightly different way. Ok, Safetysuit has been in the VH1 Top 20 Countdown for a few weeks now, so every other college in the area was apparently begging to be allowed to have students come to this concert. Well, apparently they weren't allowed... so out of a school of 750ish there were maybe 250 students at the concert... to me this is kinda depressing, they could have filled the entire gym with people if they would have invited other schools, but we took up less than a quarter of the gym. Sometimes I'm really glad I don't go to that school anymore, they just don't make wise decisions... They could have made a nice profit off the concert if other schools could have come, I mean even if they charged $5 for a ticket, that's still a hefty chunk of change when you have four to five thousand people.

Now don't get me wrong the concert was really good and I was literally 10 feet from the lead singer (who's pretty freaking sexy). The two songs that I'm really familiar with were well done, and the sound quality (for being in a gym) was great.

There were two negatives that I can think of. Firstly, not to be critical, but the lead mic was a bit too quiet. Secondly, the douche's who started moshing were irritating as hell, they kept bumping into people in the crowd.

I still haven't figured out the best way to get the pics I took off my phone, but I hopefully will be able to show you them soon.



Hey guys, I'm in Milwaukee for the weekend. Lots to talk about and if I can get the pics off my phone I can show you the Safetysuit concert that was at my old school!



OK, so I have the comment box popping up in a separate mini frame now. Hopefully this fixes it for everyone.

If it didn't... I'll cry and then try something else.

Tell me if it's still all hinky or if its good, k?



I've now had like 5 people tell me they're having trouble commenting on my blog and I can't figure out why...

I know it has to do with my template, but I cant figure out any way of fixing it. If anyone is good with HTML or has any handy tips for me on fixing it, TELL ME! PLEASE!!!



So, last night I went out to the Ave, College Avenue in Appleton, for my friends 22nd birthday. The Ave has one of the highest concentrations of bars in the area so everyone goes there to do a death march(hitting every bar on the street) for their 21st bday

Now, my parents knowing that I'm such a WILD guy, gave me the "if you get a DWI you're off the car insurance and you have to find your own car speech"... thanks for the vote of confidence pops...

So knowing that I had to drive home AND I never really want to lose control of myself or my functions, I had 2 drinks in 4 hours. Now pathetic as that may seem, it was my first time out so I was just trying to figure out what tasted decent to me. I have found that I don't really like Captain and Coke, it's a little to bitter for me, however; black cherry vodka and sprite is pretty decent. Plus they were $4.50 a piece, that's what like 7 euros if I can remember the exchange rate, which is re-freaking-diculous, if you look at what they use and how much everything actually costs, they are making like 3.75 in profit.

We went out for pizza after, which was good. I would have preferred something deep fried... I was craving some chicken tenders, but there's only pizza places and "fine dining" on the Ave.

So totally NOT hung over,


Wednesday's are now my favorite night EVER. First there's So You Think You Can Dance AND Glee!!! Two of my all time favorite shows. SO EXCITED!!!

In other news, I'm going to be an uncle. Now normally I'd be happy about this, but there will been a lot of issues to wade through.

I don't know if I've told you this but I have 2 older sisters. My oldest is 31 years old, the middle is 26, and I'm 21. Wanna know something weird? There are exactly 5 years 2 months separating us all. My sisters are technically half-sisters, my mom divorced her first husband after he took a swing at her and broke his hand on the door frame.

Ok, so back to the story. My oldest sister is pregnant, and is due around Valentines Day. Which is great, I'm happy for her, truly I am. I just wish the father were, umm a better man... Now I know I'm not supposed to judge and all that jazz, but her husband is at least as old as my mother (he has a child that's older than me, from one of his other relationships) and I'm kinda creeped out by him. For example, one Easter I was sick and went over to their house while my parents were at church doing Easter breakfast, while I was there they dyed eggs he proceeded to write profanities on the eggs which would be eaten by his children, not a great example for my future niece or nephew...

There's tons of other issues that have to be dealt with, AND I just found out that she's coming over to our house on Thursday to maybe work some of them out between her and my mother... cuz the majority of those issues are between those two. Sounds like oodles of fun, and I kinda don't wanna be here for it...

At least I have the weekend to look forward to! Going to Milwaukee, having dinner at a hibachi (something I've never done before), and just hanging out with my friends.

I'll update you on the fun drama that will be sure to happen.



Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

Surprisingly, I actually got more birthday wishes from you guys (people I've never met in person, not that I don't love you all), than people I've known for years.

So, pretty much my birthday was spent exactly as I predicted. I didn't even have a drink at dinner, there are reasons for that but I won't go into it the day after my birthday it's to depressing to think about right now.

I'm going to have to work on that whole meeting more people, I go to school and associate with people, but I never really get around to making relationships with them.

I am now 21. Well if i want to be official in 2 min I am 21.

Another year older and not much wiser.


Birthday boy

So tomorrow I turn the big 21, and me being the wild and crazy guy I am here's what I'm doing for my birthday.

1. Wake up, shower and go to church.
2. Sit around home, killing brain cells on video games.
3. Go out to dinner with the 'rents.

Yup, I know freaking crazy.



What do you think of the new template?

Also 4 days to my birthday!!!

Tom and I have decided that we're going to go to Texas over Christmas break, now whether we are going to fly or drive is another matter. This will be decided when I go down next weekend. All I know is that I will NOT spend the entire winter in subzero temperatures.

On the school front. So far all my classes are pretty interesting, and the scenery isn't to bad either. I love the spring and fall so much more than winter... hot guys in shorts showing of calf... yum.



Finally, found the offical version fo Mika's We Are Golden!

Had to take down the other one cuz the video got removed for "user violations," sometimes Youtube can be so dumb.

I need something stupid to do for my 21st birthday. Something that doesn't involve me getting shitfaced and puking on my floor or some hot guys shoes.

Give me ideas, I'm personally thinking a tattoo or piercing.



Ok, so I'm essentially over my frustration at having to get braces again.

Now my dad and I just need to go in and talk with my dentist/orthodontist about what exactly has to be done.

I think the reason I was most upset about the whole thing is because the first time I had braces, I saw that my front teeth weren't exactly in line like they were supposed to be, and I told my other (I don't go to him any more) ortho that it wasn't right. He said that in the long run, the amount they were off wouldn't have any negative effects. Well, he was wrong. I need to have my crossbite fixed more than what he did and that I basically have an underbite and that needs to get pulled forward.

So in all, it's gonna be at least two more years of pain and most likely no boyfriend either (braces can make things awkward if you know what I mean).

In other news, I went on Travelocity to check prices for flights to Texas so I can visit Eric, they're looking to be about $350 round trip from Friday to Sunday. SO, what I'm thinking of doing is going down for like 2 weeks over Christmas break.

AND ITS MY 21ST BIRTHDAY IN 10 DAYS!!! I'll legally be able to drink in every country that I know of. Now don't go thinking I'm a lush or anything, I don't even plan on getting smashed on the day of my birthday. I'm not like most of the people in Wisconsin who start drinking freshman year of high school and by the time they're a senior they need a liver transplant.

Well, that's it for tonight. I should really go do some reading now, I'm pleasantly surprised, I have considerably less reading to do this year than I have in the past.

And so good night sweet princes, more from me tomorrow most likely.



Mother F*cking C*ck Sucking B*tch Sl*t Wh*re

Yes, I'm mildly angry at the moment, if you couldn't tell.

I have to get braces AGAIN.


I had them on for a 1 1/2 years to fix this whole my jaw cracks thing. WELL, now my jaw cracks on the other side, and in order to fix it my dentist is saying I need braces... and this time for possibly 2-3 years.



My new iPod skin came in!!!

They are sold by a company called Gelaskins, and they make skins for phones, iPods, and PCs. I opened mine and liked it so much that I ordered another 2 for my iPod, and one for my laptop. I'm not trying to sell you anything but if you like mine they have some really cool ones on their website, gelaskins.com.

These are the ones I ordered today.


School starts back up tomorrow... YAY!!!!!!

That and I'm taking Arabic now! I figure if I want to be a translator/interpreter, being tri or even quadralingual might be a good aim to go for. So, along with my Spanish courses I figured that Arabic would be another excellent language to study, with the situation in the Middle East and the increasing numbers of Arabic speaking people in the States.

Maybe, once I'm done with school, I'll study Chinese.... hmm how many languages do you think I can cram into my tiny little head before it explodes? Portuguese would be fun too... then I could completely understand what Rapha is saying (I kinda can now cuz Spanish and Portuguese are kinda similar).

YAY! I got my new bed yesterday!

I can finally sleep without my feet hanging over the edge of the bed!
Now I just need to find someone to fill the other half... Any takers? ; P



I'm normally not one to follow alot of trends but since both Rapha and Torchy have asked for it I'll show you.

It's a piece of artwork from Magic: The Gathering. I know a bit (ok incredibly) nerdy but their artists do some amazing work.

If you didn't check my first post, CHECK IT!!!



So school starts up again on the 25th of August, and I'm kinda excited.

The only change from last year is that I'll still be working part time at my current job. I won't be setting up tents all the time cuz there's no way that I'd be able to do that and classes, so I'll be helping in the office with paperwork and stuff like that.

Oh, and I'm getting my new bed next week too! Yay for not having my feet hang off the end!!! That, and it's big enough for two... bow chicka wah wah... lol, like that will happen any time soon.

Forgot to say, last week Thursday we got a 2002 Honda CR-V for my mother. We officially owned the car for less than 8 hours before she had run over a curb and ran a stop sign, and we hadn't had it for a week before she cracked the bumper by running into a poll. And she wonders why I'm uncomfortable when she drives... I seriously have to be asleep when she drives so I don't see what she's doing.

Last night, I had a kind of awkward dream. It was good to begin with, two guys (couldn't see any faces) and I watching a movie. All of a sudden my head is in ones lap, we all know what happens next... Then I look up, and the guys look exactly like two of my friends who I'm not attracted to. This jolted me awake, cuz it kinda freaked me out...

I think they looked like my friends because I haven't seen them in like 4 months and I miss the hell out of them. But hopefully that will change in the next couple of weeks now that school is starting back up. I'll get to see plenty of eye candy AND have the opportunity to go to Milwaukee to see my buds.

30 days til my 21st birthday!!!

I wish I meant the fun kind...

Last week there was Pig in the Pines, a barbecue festival in Eagle River, 2 1/2 hours from home, that I went with my boss to go set up. We left Tuesday at 7:30 pm which and got there at about 10. The night in the hotel was kinda shitty, I woke up like 3 or 4 times cuz I couldn't breath, kinda felt like there was someone sitting on my chest...

I got up at 6am had breakfast and drove to the festival site. The temps we had were amazing, I was expecting them to be like the temps we have in Appleton, a bit slow to be polite, but they caught on to everything they needed to and we got done with everything by 7pm.

Here's where I get screwed... My boss and I go to Pizza Hut to grab some food, he tells me that the idiots I work with put the wrong tent top on for a wedding job in Michigan, and that there are 3 large tents that need to go up in Waupaca.

I was slightly pissed, I was kinda expecting to have Thursday off after setting up Pig in the Pines. I accepted the fact that I was stuck with having to work, so we leave the hotel Thursday morning and drive back to Appleton, we get back to the shop at about 8:30 I look over the truck for the wedding that I'll be setting up and fix some of the finer details that they missed, but the truck is loaded like a blind man did it and there's stuff everywhere so I can't tell if anything is missing.

Guess what, they didn't load 2 barrels of fittings that you HAVE to have to put the tents together. SO I didn't get paid for 2 hours cuz of their huge mess up. My boss was PISSED, but he was coming out to help with the set up anyway, cuz there was no way that the 3 of us out there would have been able to get the one tent up. So he threw the barrels we needed into his van and came out.

We didn't leave that job site until 9 o'freaking'clock at night when we should have been out by like 7 at the latest.

That was my week... and I called in sick today cuz I just don't feel well. Exhausted and a bit queasy, don't make for a good worker.




God this fucking sucks, if anyone knows of crazy cheap flights to Texas let me know cuz I don't think I can go without seeing Eric for who knows how long.


Incredibly sad Drew

They cut Jason from So You Think You Can Dance... no more amazing eye candy every Wednesday and Thursday.

Also, I love some of the music that they have on the show but I always seem to miss the name of the songs that I really like... This irritates the crap out of me.

Anywho, I've decided that it isn't worth it for me to try and be a good son to my mother anymore. Nothing I do seems to be good enough for her, and I'm pretty sure she would have been happier if she would have stopped with my sister.

All this stems from an argument I had with her over what I wanted for my birthday. I've wanted a new bed for at least 3 years (ever since I hit 6 feet tall), my twin bed is just too short. Somehow my mother got it into her head that the bed I used as an example of the style I was looking for, was the ONLY bed that I wanted. Well apparently this whole set up would cost like $2000, I DON'T EVEN WANT THAT BED! This of course escalates into the ever popular, "you never do anything around the house/ you'll do anything for your grandparents at the drop of a hat" screamfest that I love so much.

Bah, screw it bringing all this up again just makes me angry again... Time to go blow up some zombies and relieve some stress.

All I do is work... getting older sucks. Why can't we just stay 10 years old and not be obligated to do ANYTHING besides clean your room.

Oh well, I have tomorrow off at least. I just hope that I have enough energy to go and do something fun.

Sunday, I get to drive 3 hours south to take down Country Thunder USA in Twin Lakes Wisconsin. It's really weird all of our big festivals are related to country music... why can't we do something like Dropfest which is a local rock music festival?

MISS YOU TORCHY!!! (if you're reading this)



No I'm not dead, well kinda. I've been so tired after work that all I do is eat and go to bed. But today I surprisingly got done early.

The fun part about today was that I was the only one who got paid for the work I did. The 80 foot wide tents are my boss' babies, and he told the people who were folding them EXACTLY how he wanted it done. Well they didn't listen, so they wasted his time by doing it wrong the first time so he wasted their time by making them do it on their own time.

My big purchase from Country USA.
One of the vendors is crazy nice, this buckle normally costs $40 but because we always take good care of him when we put up tents for him he cut the price in half for me! I also got a new wallet and some sunglasses.

I went to PacSun today to and spent another $70 on two pairs of shorts and 2 v-neck shirts, which normally would have totaled like $120. I love shopping during sales!

First Ed McMahon, then Farah Faucet and Michael Jackson, and now Billy Mays.

If you are famous (I suppose we can say Billy Mays was famous), BE CAREFUL!

In other news, I went to Country USA today, just to see what it was all about. I only saw 3 or 4 incredibly HAWTT (yes with 2 t's {double t's increases the hotness factor}) guys. There were some other decent looking guys but none that would make me do elevator eyes like those 3 did. There were some younger guys that had potential, but I'm not really into jail bait

Holy crap, I have gotten home before the sun went down 2 days in a row. I think the world might come to an end.

15 days straight including tomorrow, and then I get 2 days off! Hopefully that will be enough time for me to get a decent amount of sleep before we take down Country USA and set up Sawdust Days.

As of now I have 50 hours of overtime, and tomorrow I will have at the very least 1o more.

Lets just say that if taxes don't completely rape me it's gonna be a nice paycheck

Kaching kaching,



I apologize for pretty much posting only about work. But when you spend 14 hours of the day there it kinda sucks all the originality out of you... So I promise, I will become esoteric and original in approximately 2 months when I start school again and have time to ponder the existence of the universe.

Ooh, I saw 2 absolutely GORGEOUS guys running while I was working, and with as awful as the day was I had to fight the urge to run after them. There's just something so appealing about watching attractive shirtless men run, I have to put the attractive in there cuz i have seen things that I would rather gouge my eyes out than see again.

Anyway time for some eye candyI worked with him, can you say distraction?



I love that even if I had nothing to do with a job, if something goes wrong its my fault.

Back story, I took yesterday off cuz I felt like death. I come in this morning and my boss tells me that I'm supposed to lead a stage setup, JUST a stage, but that I'm supposed to go along to help set up a tent for a college graduation and leave at 9 to set the stage. I load what I need for the stage and all of a sudden Roger (whom I despise) comes back and tells me that we need to set up another, larger tent. He says everything for the tent was loaded yesterday and that we just needed to put the tops on the truck. So that's what I do, I put the tops on.

We get to the job site and I start to lay out the pipe and the fittings for the larger tent. Come to find out they didn't load the correct crowns (top of the tent) or the correct side fittings. Guess whose fault that is... DREW'S!

Also, I'm pretty sure that I am the only person who works there who doesn't think entirely with his penis... Yes, I get distracted sometimes, but I can look and work at the same time. These children, cuz that's what they act like, see a girl from like a mile a way and they completely stop working until she walks by, and then they call "dibs" on her from a distance at which a deaf person could hear them... Sometimes I'm so glad that I'm gay and smart, and not completely driven by testosterone

Anyway, that's my rant for the week... hopefully everything will go well for the rest of the week.



Incubus has been one of my favorite bands for a long time, from the first time I heard Drive and saw the music video for it I knew I'd like them forever. Hope you enjoy this one.

I love doing jobs with just 2 people that really should have 3. I also love jobs with time restrictions.I could have been done with everything I had to do today by 2pm IF I didn't have stupid time limits. Because of this I sat around the shop and painted polls for an hour.

As I said I've been dealing with a little insomnia, nothing major I still get about 4 hours of sleep which I can still function well on but not the 6-7 that I'm used to. I hope tonight that I sleep decently....

Have a good flight home Torchy!

Good night and good luck,



It's 6:30 right now, I have to go to work in an hour and I already feel wiped out. Probably because I woke up at 4:30 today and 3 am the 2 days before... I think it's just me waking up from mom getting ready for work, which is unusual because I can normally sleep through a fire alarm.

Today, I get to put up a band shell, which in my opinion is one of the biggest pains in the ass to put up but it looks really awesome once its tensioned and up. I'll take a pic of it to show you guys.


hugs <3


Quite literally. From like 15 feet up. Also due to my amazing skill I landed and rolled out of it so I didn't get hurt.

We were putting some carpet up on the shelving and some had to get put in a special spot cuz its only used for one job ever. So, I'm pushing it off and the tube its on slides out. I foolishly try to get it back on the tube and as I'm pushing it I lean a little too far. All of a sudden I'm thinking "Oh shit, how am I gonna land this." I didn't even have time to be freaked out, and thank God I didn't or I probably would have been hurt.

The other guys that were up there with me just looked stunned, as they said we looked over saw you there and then you were on the ground crossing your legs and putting your hands behind your head with a look of relief on your face. I climbed back up there and they're going, "Dude, aren't you freaked out right now?" I just think to myself why I fell, I'm fine now lets get this stuff done so we can go home. Then they were all scared of going close to the edge... chickens. I was back on the edge pulling carpet up the second I got back up there.

Darren didn't start today, so I'm going to assume that he wasn't hired. But there could have been circumstances that make him unable to start right now I.E. hes not done with school yet. After working with all the guys now, I think I would rather have someone that I disliked at one point but has common sense than most of the people that we have atm.

Example, I went up to get a shop phone and to let the office people know we were leaving. I told my crew to look over the truck to make sure that we had everything we would need. I walk back to the loading dock and the gates closed so I figure everything was loaded... well it wasn't. Then they blame me for not putting a stake or pipe rack on there... Oh well, tomorrows a new day and hopefully everything will go well.



I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire for the first time. It was good, great camera work, good acting, interesting story. But, in all it, wasn't my favorite movie ever. However, it was just the first viewing so maybe with a second watch I'll catch something I missed that will make me like it more.

Nothing really exciting to report, other than I find it very hard to work at college campuses and high schools. There is just to much to look at if you catch my drift. Like on Friday I set up a tent in the "Quad" at a local college, it was right in the middle of all the frat houses and I don't know how the guys I was working with didn't notice me staring. Not that I really care if they know I'm gay as they probably won't last the entire summer, I hope a few do as there are some really nice guys and 2 of them are cute.

Tomorrow I find out if Darren, the guy I recognized, got hired. I'm kinda mixed on the whole thing. I mean, he could be completely different toward me now that he doesn't have to impress all the other jerk offs from my high school, but then again he could be exactly the same. The sad thing is that even though he was a total ass to me, I'd still let him in my pants, his body was amazing when we were in soccer and I can only hope its gotten better. God, this just affirms to me that I really need to find a boyfriend, I'm stooping to lusting after people I hated in HS.

G'night all and super hug,


Yay, my mom started her job today!!! She'll be making frozen pizzas on an assembly line, I know it doesn't sound like much but its a job and thats all that matters. Plus we get 12 pizzas for 12 dollars a week thats 696 pizza a year!

Oh and some fun facts. I was at a high school taking down a stage from their graduation and the program said that the ceremony was held in the Torchy Clarks Gym, he was apparently the schools track coach since the dinosaurs roamed the earth and he just recently passed away. SO I now know of 2 Torchy's. I don't know why but I think its interesting.

In other news, I'm a pretty good judge of character and I have found the people at work that I can just feel that I'm going to clash with.... As I've said before this is my third summer there, meaning aside from the owner of the company I'm the one with the most experience. One of the newer guys asks me a question on how to do something and I'm across the room from him so I tell him and start walking over to show him what I was saying. He sits there and throws out all these stupid ideas on how to do it and I just keep telling him to do it the way I said... so I just show him how its supposed to be done and he goes "Well thats what I said we should do in the first place." I wanted to scream "NO, thats what I told you to do but you didn't trust the person who knows wtf he is doing." The sad part is this guys in his late thirties at least, so I just think he doesn't like having to listen to a 20 y/o like me...

The fun never ends...



P.S. Welcome to Callen and Nick. Callen's got a blog and Nick doesn't. Thanks for following this random thing I call my blog : D

Well, today was short at work. Nothing was going up or coming down, which was great cuz it was raining all day. I was only there for 4 hours. As far as the guy I recognized, I don't know if he got hired but if he did he probably won't start until Monday when the pay week starts again.

My car is back from the shop! Which means that I was told how to drive a stick shift again... from my mother who rides the clutch whenever she drives it. I was told that I shift into gear too fast, yeah I shift like a normal person not like a grandma.

3 ways you know your parents are getting old... 1) they watch HGTV (home and garden) or home improvement shows ALL DAY 2) Mom needs a cart EVERY time you go grocery shopping just so she can have something to lean on 3) they start asking you if you are hungry at 4pm.



So today was just that a bit rainy, which makes it fun to set up/take down tents. But in all it wasn't bad it only rained for about 15 min when I was actually outside. After that the guys on my crew and I just examined some tent tops for Thursday washed them and then we were done.

As I was leaving there was a guy filling out an application at the desk, and while I didn't see his face his legs were amazing. Unfortunately, I think I know him... and if he is who I think he is its not gonna be fun. I played soccer with him and he pretty much made my life hell... Cuz while I dress well, I don't dress femmy and yet I was always the one who got called all the lovely gay slurs...

Grrr if it is him I'll have to decide how to deal with him....

They removed the clip as it was just a temporary teaser.... lame

This is just a clip from the pilot of Glee, they have clips and full episodes of shows on hulu. I don't know how to change the box size for embedding yet but with some playing I should eventually be able to figure it out.

Ok, I missed the premiere of Glee on Fox this week so I went online and found it on Hulu, which is now my favorite new website.

Glee is amazing. It's funny and has amazing talent and it deals with identity issues (something everyone seems to deal with...). Go check it out or I won't like you anymore : P. Everyone should because the lead guy in the glee club is gorgeous.

Today we had to run down to Milwaukee to pick up my sis so she could spend some time with her aunt and uncle. So, what do we do? We go to a car dealership so mom can look at SUV's.... essentially throwing all of my sisters plans off.

Oh, and Jarrod as far as what I did to my hands. The blisters started on my first day back, when I struggled for 3 hours to get 5 pallets of stage decking onto a truck. They decided to open the next day when I had to set said stage back up at another college for their graduation. I also tore up my knee on Wednesday, trying to put some stupid carpet on another stage... I hate graduation season...

I have the whole weekend off!!! I can sleep and maybe by Monday my body won't hurt so much.

After one week of work these are my hands.My left hand and my right have blisters in the same spots... and I have scrapes on my chest that I don't know how I got.

Oh and as far as the car, supposedly the clutch just went on the fritz. While this is very frustrating to me, they shouldn't charge us for it cuz they just fixed the stupid thing


Apparently, EVERYTHING that goes wrong with the car I drive is automatically my fault.

OK, so I'm driving on the highway, get off on to the ramp and I press the clutch and shift into first gear. I do this and my car makes this gurgling rumble sound thing and I'm like WTF. I pull it out of first to see if it just didn't line up correctly, and it won't let me shift into any gear not even reverse... I have to turn the car completely off to get it into gear. GAH, so I struggle with my car all the way to an auto body shop right by my house that has tow trucks and I run home to tell mom... which went over like a freaking lead brick...



SOOO tired... I worked a 14 hour day total but I'll only be paid for 13 1/2 because even if you don't take a lunch (which I didn't) they still take a half hour out...

I took down 3 tents, delivered some cocktail tables and took down a small stage... This was just my assignments for the day. THEN I had to go up to De Pere, a suburb of Green Bay, take down a shyt ton of stage and load up my truck AND the other truck that was already there... Anyway after a bunch of messing around I had to go back up there with one other guy to do a 3 person job, I had to load all the stage, it took 3 hours, which is like an hour and a half longer than it should have... In all I just LOVED my first day back, at least I'll have overtime by like Thursday at the latest,

Alright this is enough of my work rant...

I promised that I would do a 100 thing about me post today, and I swear I have it all written out. But, I'm too damn tired to type it all up and post it, maybe I'll save it for a more special occasion... like my birthday! Which is only 3 months and like 15 days away~ god, I'll be 21... I'm so old...


Tired Drew

Yay!!! I am home! Tomorrow I start work again... at least I'll have some cash flow again.

Now with this job I'll be working until whenever the work is done. So that could be anywhere from 4pm to 1am, meaning my blogging schedule will be crazy messed up.

As promised, I will do the 100 things about me post tomorrow.

Ahhh, I can sleep in my own bed, and more importantly I can wank in my own bed! I think this is the longest I have ever gone without, except for the first 10 years of my life. Hell, even when I was at camp (a Jesus camp) I still was able to have some happy time.

I'm so excited!!!

Blissfully going to oblivion,


I am sitting in the final hotel room before I get home... and I hate it.

I just want to go to a Barnes & Noble and buy like 3000 books, because material possessions that broaden my view of society make me happy.

I think I'll do my 100 facts about me post on Monday. I know i hit a thousand views on Monday of last week... but this vacation has been draining...

I told my dad on Thursday night that this will most likely be my last "family" vacation. I just can't deal with all of this anymore. My lovely mother proclaimed the same thing this morning. Apparently, all my sister and I do is snap at her and tease her... omg I'm 20 and I deal with criticism and sarcastic comments better than a 50 y/o.

ANYWAY! Following are some pics of of the vacation.Me and my sister. She's the ONLY reason I am still sane after this trip
My mom and pop... Unfortunately I can expect to look like him in another 5-10 years (hopefully just the bald part)... curse my genesThe falls at night, I know its blurry but for some reason my camera doesn't have a night mode and with all the mist in the air from the other waterfall none of them turned out well.


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