God this fucking sucks, if anyone knows of crazy cheap flights to Texas let me know cuz I don't think I can go without seeing Eric for who knows how long.


Incredibly sad Drew

They cut Jason from So You Think You Can Dance... no more amazing eye candy every Wednesday and Thursday.

Also, I love some of the music that they have on the show but I always seem to miss the name of the songs that I really like... This irritates the crap out of me.

Anywho, I've decided that it isn't worth it for me to try and be a good son to my mother anymore. Nothing I do seems to be good enough for her, and I'm pretty sure she would have been happier if she would have stopped with my sister.

All this stems from an argument I had with her over what I wanted for my birthday. I've wanted a new bed for at least 3 years (ever since I hit 6 feet tall), my twin bed is just too short. Somehow my mother got it into her head that the bed I used as an example of the style I was looking for, was the ONLY bed that I wanted. Well apparently this whole set up would cost like $2000, I DON'T EVEN WANT THAT BED! This of course escalates into the ever popular, "you never do anything around the house/ you'll do anything for your grandparents at the drop of a hat" screamfest that I love so much.

Bah, screw it bringing all this up again just makes me angry again... Time to go blow up some zombies and relieve some stress.

All I do is work... getting older sucks. Why can't we just stay 10 years old and not be obligated to do ANYTHING besides clean your room.

Oh well, I have tomorrow off at least. I just hope that I have enough energy to go and do something fun.

Sunday, I get to drive 3 hours south to take down Country Thunder USA in Twin Lakes Wisconsin. It's really weird all of our big festivals are related to country music... why can't we do something like Dropfest which is a local rock music festival?

MISS YOU TORCHY!!! (if you're reading this)



No I'm not dead, well kinda. I've been so tired after work that all I do is eat and go to bed. But today I surprisingly got done early.

The fun part about today was that I was the only one who got paid for the work I did. The 80 foot wide tents are my boss' babies, and he told the people who were folding them EXACTLY how he wanted it done. Well they didn't listen, so they wasted his time by doing it wrong the first time so he wasted their time by making them do it on their own time.


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