My big purchase from Country USA.
One of the vendors is crazy nice, this buckle normally costs $40 but because we always take good care of him when we put up tents for him he cut the price in half for me! I also got a new wallet and some sunglasses.

I went to PacSun today to and spent another $70 on two pairs of shorts and 2 v-neck shirts, which normally would have totaled like $120. I love shopping during sales!

First Ed McMahon, then Farah Faucet and Michael Jackson, and now Billy Mays.

If you are famous (I suppose we can say Billy Mays was famous), BE CAREFUL!

In other news, I went to Country USA today, just to see what it was all about. I only saw 3 or 4 incredibly HAWTT (yes with 2 t's {double t's increases the hotness factor}) guys. There were some other decent looking guys but none that would make me do elevator eyes like those 3 did. There were some younger guys that had potential, but I'm not really into jail bait

Holy crap, I have gotten home before the sun went down 2 days in a row. I think the world might come to an end.

15 days straight including tomorrow, and then I get 2 days off! Hopefully that will be enough time for me to get a decent amount of sleep before we take down Country USA and set up Sawdust Days.

As of now I have 50 hours of overtime, and tomorrow I will have at the very least 1o more.

Lets just say that if taxes don't completely rape me it's gonna be a nice paycheck

Kaching kaching,



I apologize for pretty much posting only about work. But when you spend 14 hours of the day there it kinda sucks all the originality out of you... So I promise, I will become esoteric and original in approximately 2 months when I start school again and have time to ponder the existence of the universe.

Ooh, I saw 2 absolutely GORGEOUS guys running while I was working, and with as awful as the day was I had to fight the urge to run after them. There's just something so appealing about watching attractive shirtless men run, I have to put the attractive in there cuz i have seen things that I would rather gouge my eyes out than see again.

Anyway time for some eye candyI worked with him, can you say distraction?



I love that even if I had nothing to do with a job, if something goes wrong its my fault.

Back story, I took yesterday off cuz I felt like death. I come in this morning and my boss tells me that I'm supposed to lead a stage setup, JUST a stage, but that I'm supposed to go along to help set up a tent for a college graduation and leave at 9 to set the stage. I load what I need for the stage and all of a sudden Roger (whom I despise) comes back and tells me that we need to set up another, larger tent. He says everything for the tent was loaded yesterday and that we just needed to put the tops on the truck. So that's what I do, I put the tops on.

We get to the job site and I start to lay out the pipe and the fittings for the larger tent. Come to find out they didn't load the correct crowns (top of the tent) or the correct side fittings. Guess whose fault that is... DREW'S!

Also, I'm pretty sure that I am the only person who works there who doesn't think entirely with his penis... Yes, I get distracted sometimes, but I can look and work at the same time. These children, cuz that's what they act like, see a girl from like a mile a way and they completely stop working until she walks by, and then they call "dibs" on her from a distance at which a deaf person could hear them... Sometimes I'm so glad that I'm gay and smart, and not completely driven by testosterone

Anyway, that's my rant for the week... hopefully everything will go well for the rest of the week.



Incubus has been one of my favorite bands for a long time, from the first time I heard Drive and saw the music video for it I knew I'd like them forever. Hope you enjoy this one.

I love doing jobs with just 2 people that really should have 3. I also love jobs with time restrictions.I could have been done with everything I had to do today by 2pm IF I didn't have stupid time limits. Because of this I sat around the shop and painted polls for an hour.

As I said I've been dealing with a little insomnia, nothing major I still get about 4 hours of sleep which I can still function well on but not the 6-7 that I'm used to. I hope tonight that I sleep decently....

Have a good flight home Torchy!

Good night and good luck,



It's 6:30 right now, I have to go to work in an hour and I already feel wiped out. Probably because I woke up at 4:30 today and 3 am the 2 days before... I think it's just me waking up from mom getting ready for work, which is unusual because I can normally sleep through a fire alarm.

Today, I get to put up a band shell, which in my opinion is one of the biggest pains in the ass to put up but it looks really awesome once its tensioned and up. I'll take a pic of it to show you guys.


hugs <3


Quite literally. From like 15 feet up. Also due to my amazing skill I landed and rolled out of it so I didn't get hurt.

We were putting some carpet up on the shelving and some had to get put in a special spot cuz its only used for one job ever. So, I'm pushing it off and the tube its on slides out. I foolishly try to get it back on the tube and as I'm pushing it I lean a little too far. All of a sudden I'm thinking "Oh shit, how am I gonna land this." I didn't even have time to be freaked out, and thank God I didn't or I probably would have been hurt.

The other guys that were up there with me just looked stunned, as they said we looked over saw you there and then you were on the ground crossing your legs and putting your hands behind your head with a look of relief on your face. I climbed back up there and they're going, "Dude, aren't you freaked out right now?" I just think to myself why I fell, I'm fine now lets get this stuff done so we can go home. Then they were all scared of going close to the edge... chickens. I was back on the edge pulling carpet up the second I got back up there.

Darren didn't start today, so I'm going to assume that he wasn't hired. But there could have been circumstances that make him unable to start right now I.E. hes not done with school yet. After working with all the guys now, I think I would rather have someone that I disliked at one point but has common sense than most of the people that we have atm.

Example, I went up to get a shop phone and to let the office people know we were leaving. I told my crew to look over the truck to make sure that we had everything we would need. I walk back to the loading dock and the gates closed so I figure everything was loaded... well it wasn't. Then they blame me for not putting a stake or pipe rack on there... Oh well, tomorrows a new day and hopefully everything will go well.




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