50 Random things I love and hate, to celebrate my 150th post (which was the post before this one).

1. I love Malibu and cranberry! It's my new favorite drink!
2. I hate slush, snows fine rains fine but the mix of the two is disgusting.
3. I love the feeling when you crawl into bed and the sheets seem super soft.
4. I hate chunks of tomato in anything.
5. I love chicken fried rice.
6. I hate when lines take forever cuz some old lady is counting out change to pay.
7. I love $7 skinny jeans after christmas clearance is the best!
8. I hate when you cant find the size you need, especially in $7 skinny jeans (I only found 2 pairs.)
9. I love Top Gear.
10. I hate when people think I know/care about the finer details of the automobile.
11. I love soccer.
12. Watching soccer on TV makes me want to bash my skull against a very sharp object.
13. I love a good book.
14. I hate a good book that takes the first 15 chapters to become good.
15. I love music and my collection is very eclectic.
16. I hate posing for pictures.
17. I love when a cute boy doesn't realize that hes cute.
18. I hate when a cute boy knows hes cute and thinks hes the shit because his genetics were nice to him.
19. I love when conversations are easy.
20. I hate when it's easier to pull your own teeth out than carry on a chat with someone
21. I love acceleration roller coasters, cars, airplanes all fun.
22. I hate old roller coasters though, I get screaming head aches when they jostle me around
23. I love large bills, I feel special when I have a $50 or $100 bill in my wallet.
24. I hate when I have 17 $1 bills in my wallet and if feels like I'm sitting on a rock.
25. I love accents.
26. I hate drives that are over an hour away.
27. I loved kindergarten, 3 hour school days are the best idea ever.
28. I hate getting sick.
29. I love snow days.
30. I hate cleaning my room.
31. I love that feeling when you stand up to fast and it feels like your heads going to float off.
32. I hate when that feeling goes to far and you pass out. (only happened once)
33. I love a hot shower.
34. I hate when I miss a spot when I shave.
35. I love grandparents say unexpected things, like sex. No grandparent should ever talk about sex when grandchildren are present.
36. I hate when I crave salt and sweet in consecutive cycles.
37. I love how in musicals everyone knows the dance moves.
38. I hate how that can't happen in real life.
39. I love cooking.
40. I hate the feeling when you have to cut through raw meat.
41. I love shopping, when it's for me.
42. I hate shopping for my mother, cuz god knows she can't pick out a decent outfit...
43. I love when I know something for a class and I haven't studied it before.
44. I hate when I can't think of a word when I know I know it. Like I couldn't think of the word cashew the other day...
45. I love the randomness of my friends.
46. I hate when a movie looks really good and it ends up being crap.
47. I love the word gestalt.
48. I hate taking medicine.
49. I love being skinny.
50. I hate being volunteered for things that you don't want to do.

and now to not leave on a negative.

51. I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS!!! Without you there would be no Drew, no blog, and no one to ramble all the insane thoughts that flit through my head at.



If my sister accepts my mother is considering giving her my bed for the time she's at our house. Which puts me in the "guest room/middle sisters room." Oh wait the baby will probably be in that room...which means I'm stuck on the couch or going over to my grandparents and sleeping there. And who knows whats going to happen when middle sister comes...

At least according to mothers machinations.

Dad on the other hand is about as excited as I am about this situation.

I'm extremely pissed that my mother would just assume that I would happily give up the bed that I had to fight for just to get.

But what do I say to her? "No mom, I don't want Amanda to come and stay with us when she could be so depressed that she can't take care of the baby." This would just make me seem like a giant douche, since I'm supposed to be the caring younger brother.

Still smiling and nodding....


As most of you know my oldest sister is pregnant. Yay, moms gonna be a grandma and I'll be an uncle!...

Now, for reasons that I'm not comfortable going into, my waste of atomic mass brother in law is... shall we say detained and will remain so for the first month of this babies life. So last week my mother offered for her to stay at our house in case she went into labor early. She declined (to my releif) because her nephew is living at her house.

Tonight my mother goes, "You know how you get the baby blues after birth? Well I'm going to offer to let your sister stay at our house, cuz she knows how hard I had it after you were born." I of course put on a smile and say I'm fine with it... as long as she doesn't take an hour in the bathroom like my other sister. This of course is a total lie... it's bad enough that my mother has volunteered to babysit on her days off. Meaning I'll actually be taking care of the child when I'm not at school cuz mother falls asleep the minute she sits down.

At least, should she accept, my nights won't change that much... I can sleep through a smoke alarm as long as its between the hours of 10pm and 5am, so the baby crying won't disrupt my sleep schedule.

Prepared to smile and nod, while dying on the inside,


10 things a woman should never say to a man.

Some of them are obvious ones like "I hate your mom," or "Do you think she's pretty?"

The most pertinent one after this weekend is #8.

8) “Are you sure you're okay?"
(Repeatedly. Even after he’s told you he really is okay.)

Sometimes we’re thrown off guard when our guy is uncharacteristically quiet. We’ll prod and probe, hoping to get to the bottom of their issue (and too often, we're absolutely sure it’s something we’ve done). When in reality, there may not be a concrete reason at all.

Men have bad days too — they can be moody, tired, or just generally not feel like talking. They’re only human! As hard as it can be, don’t read into it too much. Give him his space and keep yourself busy until he snaps out of it.

Ask him what’s bothering him over and over again and the only honest answer will be “You.”

Here's all the juicy details.

I was complaining about how I'll end up watching my niece/nephew on the days my mom volunteered to babysit. Faith goes "Once you have your own kids you'll understand."

I proceed to obliquely say that "It will take a few feats of modern science for that to happen."

She tells me I can. I ask her if she knew why I couldn't have children. She says yes, but forces me to actually say it. So after about a minute of me going "I hate you," and "Fuck you Faith, you already know" I told her.

Torchy was right she kinda had a feeling and she took it fine. The next day she invited me out to coffee (which I don't drink) with Will her other fab friend. I told her if that this was her attempt to hook her gay friends up that I was going to kill her. If she does try to set me up with someone he better be fucking hawt.

Oh and as far as my light, I didn't break the glass I pulled the chain thing that turns the light on out of the unit, so my dad will have to fix it this weekend.

So that's it.



I kinda broke my light in my bedroom while making my bed... and I told Faith that I'm gay.

That is all.



Channel 4, the station that apparently broadcasts Skins in the UK, feels that the content of certain episodes of Skins will violate my virgin American sensibilities and won't allow Youtube to play parts of the show. F U channel 4 I've seen things that would make your wanker ears blush.

In other news, I'm feeling a bit down... I don't know what it is, could be that its just that I'm ready to get back to school and get shit rolling again. Either way my "friends" piss me the fuck off, you know why? I put this up as my facebook status "kinda depressed, kinda wanna get really fucked up," and you know who was the only person to ask me what was wrong? Ben from Gay-Mid Schooler. I've never even fucking met him and he cares more about me than people I've known for 17 fucking years.

You know what fuck'em. I put so much fucking effort into my relationships. I'm the one everyone comes crying to when they have issues but when I feel like shit none of them want to hear about it.

Classes start again on Thursday so I'll have shit to occupy my mind again, that should sort everything right back out again.



Over the last 3 days I have watched more YouTube than I really care to admit... Like I've stayed up till 2-3 am watching "my stories."

"Agnes, I've got to go my stories are on," One of my great aunts would say that when she that when she had to leave her golf rounds to see her shows.

Ok, so I've been watching Skins and all I'm going to say is that if the British accent had a corporeal form, I'd totally have sex with it. Hint, hint any takers :P?

Verbotene Liebe, or at least the parts with the Christian and Olliver, is one of my favorites. The guy on the right is Olliver (Jo Wiel) and on the left is Christian (Thore Schölermann). Both are incredibly hot and the story isn't that bad (for being a soap opera.)
The other show that I've been watching is Fisica o Quimica a show from Spain, kinda like Skins or Degrassi. I have to watch it with subtitles because even though my Spanish isn't that bad, they talk super fast and its got loads of colloquialisms.

All of the shows just magically seem to have prominent gay characters... I wonder why that might be?

Ich liebe dich!


Back in high school I used to run every other day in the off season (when i wasn't playing soccer or running track). I would run for a half hour every day which normally amounted to 3 miles, and then during the track season I would run anywhere from 4-5 miles a day.

But over the last 3 years I haven't run at all (other than a quick jog to get something quickly), I'm so out of shape it kills me.


Tonight I ran for the first time, 5 min as a warm-up and then 10 min of solid running... I forgot that I had some of those muscles, I got half way through the 10 and I wanted to die, but I'm going to run at least every other night. I need to get rid of the small pooch under my belly button, get my belt back to what it used to be, and I need at least my 4 pack to show like it does in the summer.

Tomorrow morning my legs will either feel like jello or burn, cuz no matter how much I stretch tonight those muscles haven't been used in far too long.



Ok, I like to think my self a pretty patient person. It takes a really long time for people to really set me off. But seriously, this would put my patience to the test within 5 minutes of starting.

I'm not a major klutz but with small objects this close together I would be knocking shit over left and right.

Yes I troll YouTube for interesting videos, hate me if you will :P




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