Viva Italia!

What would it take for me to marry a footballer???

PS: Ghana? Really USA team? Argentina, Spain or Brazil I totally understand but GHANA???

Got home today from my cousins wedding. Surprisingly there was only one blowout with my mother, I say surprisingly because when the two of us are in close quarters for more than a day we're normally about to tear each others throats out.

I know I shouldn't have even bothered to say anything but she was taking peoples place cards off the entrance table and putting them where they were supposed to go... I went up to her and asked her how the people were supposed to find where they were going to sit. She told me to shut up and leave her alone, which was a very excessive response considering the innocence of my question. Needless to say it pissed me off and it got a little out of hand, ultimately resulting in my mother's 3rd threat this year to throw me out of the house cuz of my "constant criticism" of her.

Other than that the wedding was nice, the food was really good and it was great seeing all my uncles, including the uncle and one of my cousins from Nevada and they haven't been able to visit for at least ten years. The DJ was awful everything was 80's music and slow dance stuff... one of my cousins started to heckle him but I don't think he noticed. The worst part was that my uncle told him to follow the requests and not any playlists he might have, but he played maybe 2 of the requests. So we left the dance portion of the reception pretty early.

In a little over 2 weeks, on the 11th, I'm flying to Texas! It'll be great to see Eric again and spend his 21st birthday with him. It'll also be great to get away from home and work for a while.


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