Ok, so I'm essentially over my frustration at having to get braces again.

Now my dad and I just need to go in and talk with my dentist/orthodontist about what exactly has to be done.

I think the reason I was most upset about the whole thing is because the first time I had braces, I saw that my front teeth weren't exactly in line like they were supposed to be, and I told my other (I don't go to him any more) ortho that it wasn't right. He said that in the long run, the amount they were off wouldn't have any negative effects. Well, he was wrong. I need to have my crossbite fixed more than what he did and that I basically have an underbite and that needs to get pulled forward.

So in all, it's gonna be at least two more years of pain and most likely no boyfriend either (braces can make things awkward if you know what I mean).

In other news, I went on Travelocity to check prices for flights to Texas so I can visit Eric, they're looking to be about $350 round trip from Friday to Sunday. SO, what I'm thinking of doing is going down for like 2 weeks over Christmas break.

AND ITS MY 21ST BIRTHDAY IN 10 DAYS!!! I'll legally be able to drink in every country that I know of. Now don't go thinking I'm a lush or anything, I don't even plan on getting smashed on the day of my birthday. I'm not like most of the people in Wisconsin who start drinking freshman year of high school and by the time they're a senior they need a liver transplant.

Well, that's it for tonight. I should really go do some reading now, I'm pleasantly surprised, I have considerably less reading to do this year than I have in the past.

And so good night sweet princes, more from me tomorrow most likely.



Mother F*cking C*ck Sucking B*tch Sl*t Wh*re

Yes, I'm mildly angry at the moment, if you couldn't tell.

I have to get braces AGAIN.


I had them on for a 1 1/2 years to fix this whole my jaw cracks thing. WELL, now my jaw cracks on the other side, and in order to fix it my dentist is saying I need braces... and this time for possibly 2-3 years.



My new iPod skin came in!!!

They are sold by a company called Gelaskins, and they make skins for phones, iPods, and PCs. I opened mine and liked it so much that I ordered another 2 for my iPod, and one for my laptop. I'm not trying to sell you anything but if you like mine they have some really cool ones on their website, gelaskins.com.

These are the ones I ordered today.


School starts back up tomorrow... YAY!!!!!!

That and I'm taking Arabic now! I figure if I want to be a translator/interpreter, being tri or even quadralingual might be a good aim to go for. So, along with my Spanish courses I figured that Arabic would be another excellent language to study, with the situation in the Middle East and the increasing numbers of Arabic speaking people in the States.

Maybe, once I'm done with school, I'll study Chinese.... hmm how many languages do you think I can cram into my tiny little head before it explodes? Portuguese would be fun too... then I could completely understand what Rapha is saying (I kinda can now cuz Spanish and Portuguese are kinda similar).

YAY! I got my new bed yesterday!

I can finally sleep without my feet hanging over the edge of the bed!
Now I just need to find someone to fill the other half... Any takers? ; P



I'm normally not one to follow alot of trends but since both Rapha and Torchy have asked for it I'll show you.

It's a piece of artwork from Magic: The Gathering. I know a bit (ok incredibly) nerdy but their artists do some amazing work.

If you didn't check my first post, CHECK IT!!!



So school starts up again on the 25th of August, and I'm kinda excited.

The only change from last year is that I'll still be working part time at my current job. I won't be setting up tents all the time cuz there's no way that I'd be able to do that and classes, so I'll be helping in the office with paperwork and stuff like that.

Oh, and I'm getting my new bed next week too! Yay for not having my feet hang off the end!!! That, and it's big enough for two... bow chicka wah wah... lol, like that will happen any time soon.

Forgot to say, last week Thursday we got a 2002 Honda CR-V for my mother. We officially owned the car for less than 8 hours before she had run over a curb and ran a stop sign, and we hadn't had it for a week before she cracked the bumper by running into a poll. And she wonders why I'm uncomfortable when she drives... I seriously have to be asleep when she drives so I don't see what she's doing.

Last night, I had a kind of awkward dream. It was good to begin with, two guys (couldn't see any faces) and I watching a movie. All of a sudden my head is in ones lap, we all know what happens next... Then I look up, and the guys look exactly like two of my friends who I'm not attracted to. This jolted me awake, cuz it kinda freaked me out...

I think they looked like my friends because I haven't seen them in like 4 months and I miss the hell out of them. But hopefully that will change in the next couple of weeks now that school is starting back up. I'll get to see plenty of eye candy AND have the opportunity to go to Milwaukee to see my buds.

30 days til my 21st birthday!!!

I wish I meant the fun kind...

Last week there was Pig in the Pines, a barbecue festival in Eagle River, 2 1/2 hours from home, that I went with my boss to go set up. We left Tuesday at 7:30 pm which and got there at about 10. The night in the hotel was kinda shitty, I woke up like 3 or 4 times cuz I couldn't breath, kinda felt like there was someone sitting on my chest...

I got up at 6am had breakfast and drove to the festival site. The temps we had were amazing, I was expecting them to be like the temps we have in Appleton, a bit slow to be polite, but they caught on to everything they needed to and we got done with everything by 7pm.

Here's where I get screwed... My boss and I go to Pizza Hut to grab some food, he tells me that the idiots I work with put the wrong tent top on for a wedding job in Michigan, and that there are 3 large tents that need to go up in Waupaca.

I was slightly pissed, I was kinda expecting to have Thursday off after setting up Pig in the Pines. I accepted the fact that I was stuck with having to work, so we leave the hotel Thursday morning and drive back to Appleton, we get back to the shop at about 8:30 I look over the truck for the wedding that I'll be setting up and fix some of the finer details that they missed, but the truck is loaded like a blind man did it and there's stuff everywhere so I can't tell if anything is missing.

Guess what, they didn't load 2 barrels of fittings that you HAVE to have to put the tents together. SO I didn't get paid for 2 hours cuz of their huge mess up. My boss was PISSED, but he was coming out to help with the set up anyway, cuz there was no way that the 3 of us out there would have been able to get the one tent up. So he threw the barrels we needed into his van and came out.

We didn't leave that job site until 9 o'freaking'clock at night when we should have been out by like 7 at the latest.

That was my week... and I called in sick today cuz I just don't feel well. Exhausted and a bit queasy, don't make for a good worker.




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