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Grr, I want to post a video but it won't work.... >[

I love music in all its forms, from classical to techno. Well... that's technically not true I can't stand country or really hardcore rap.

Well anyway, I will be picking a song every week that I really enjoy.

This week it's a song by a couple of buddies from my old school. The bands name is "Keep this Quiet," they write and play music in the spare time they have between classes.

You Fell Further by Keep This Quiet, enjoy I know I do : )

Well, I've been trying for 3 hours on and off to just get the video up but it won't work so I guess I'll just link you straight to the Youtube vid and their MySpace.


Wow, I've only had my blog up for a little over a day and I already have 8 followers! "warm fuzzies" Thanks to everyone for showing some interest in what I have to say, and I'll try to keep up with posting.

Mike from It's Getting Better sent me a nice email welcoming me to blog world, and he asked me how I came up with my title. Well, as you know I live in Wisconsin and except for the three months of the year where its ungodly hot and humid, it's freaking freezing. Not only is the temp cold, but I feel frozen in place here. There are so many places I want to go and so many things I want to experience, that when I think about it I "burn" with an incredible need to do everything.

I love my home town it's a great place to raise a family and go when you want to retire, but from 16-20, in my case was dreadful, the only options I really had was to go to the mall or the movies. I suppose I could have been like all everyone else I know and be an alcoholic by now, but I'm 20, 6 months from legal drinking age and I have no desire to drink myself senseless.

All this has just made me want to get out and experience the world, and I did it for 1 1/2 years when I went away for school. It was a small (700ish students) private college, 25 grand for tuition... thank god for that grant the first year. But, then I changed my majors from education and biology to biology with a minor in Spanish and then I finally decided on what I wanted to do. So, I finally decided what I wanted to major in for sure half way through my second year, meaning I would have at least another 3-4 years of college, which would mean I would have at the very least $50k in student loans and that just wasn't going to be feasible. So to make a long story longer, I moved back home at semester and enrolled in classes at the local technical college until i can enroll somewhere else. All this means is that I'm back in the same situation that I was before college with little to do and few "friends" who aren't heavy drinkers.

Since Col was nice enough to ask I'll tell you.

Currently I have 13 pairs of shoes that I can easily find. I have more that I wear for work but those are really grungy. I absolutely love Vans, they are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and nothing is more clean cut than a good pair of Pumas.

Yes those are moccasins and (i can feel the hate now) Uggs. Hate me for the Uggs if you want, but when you live in Wisconsin you like to have warm feet.

So for the past few years I've been pondering whether to get a tattoo or not. Surprisingly, my mom approves of me getting a tattoo as long as its tastefully done. However, my grandparents hate tattoos so I'd have to get it somewhere that it wouldn't be visible. So I finally have decided on a good spot and what I would like it to be.

I want to get a cascade of stars coming down from my collar bone to the bottom of my pec, something like this
Now I understand that this will be very painful, and even more so since I weigh all of 145 pounds and they will most likely hit bone. But as the old saying goes "No pain, no gain".

If anyone has anything to say about getting inked I'd love to hear it since the only other person in my entire family that has a tattoo is my oldest sister.

Hey everyone,

My name is Drew, a 20 y/o from Wisconsin. I'm in college with plans to major in Spanish and Business. I currently live with my parents, but as soon as I can find a stable job and save up some money I plan on moving out.

I'm passionate about so many things in life that I can lose sight of what I really want. I LOVE music, I will listen to anything once; however, I will admit that I'm not fond of hardcore rap or country.

I want to travel EVERYWHERE, I'm so sick of being in the same place every day. I have friends who have cruised the Mediterranean, been to Ireland, Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico and when they start talking about their trips all I can do is wonder when it will be my turn to see the world.

Now, this is gonna be the hard part... I come from a fairly conservative religious family I've gone to private school all my life, and I'm gay and I'm still in the closet, to everyone... well, except anyone who reads this. I want to tell them every time my mom starts asking me when I'm going to get a gf or if I'm interested in anyone. My friends tease me cuz I dress well and I have a bit of a shoe craze, one of them even cracks gay jokes about me, but I kinda brush it off as nothing. The main reason I haven't told my parents is because of my religious background and I'm afraid of how they will react. I know that eventually I will have to tell them but I just don't know how...

Well, thats all for today,



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