That the song Happy Birthday was bought by Warner Brothers from the man who wrote the lyrics for 1 billion dollars?

Well get ready to pay Warner Brother's a small stipend BECAUSE...

This blog is now 1 year old!!! HOORAY!

Who would have thought that I could make it a whole year blathering on about the inane happenings of my life? I find it interesting that at the beginning I posted uber regularly, and now... well not so much. While I may not post as much as I used to I still read everybody else's blogs.

Und jetzt Schatzen!

For putting up with me as long as you have. MAN CANDY!

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I've been considering coming out to more people. Well by considering I mean thinking to myself, "Why the fuck am I hiding who I am from the people who know me?" I mean if they decide that they don't want to be my friend just because I'm gay they can jump off a bridge and die.

But more to the point, why the hell do we have to come out in the first place why should anyone else care if I like guys? Straight guys don't have to tell their parents that they like girls do they? They don't have to sit down and have a tear filled conversation or a screaming match with their parents.

I hate to say it but the most recent occurrence of me wanting to come out, was the other night when my mother was having a go at me. I know that would have been the worst time EVER to come out to my parents, only resulting in more screaming, but all I could think about was just screaming "you know whats even better? YOU HAVE A QUEER FOR A SON!" But I held my tongue and didn't do anything rash.

I have a feeling that one day it will just build up and I'll just go on Facebook and tell everyone the truth. Get it over with in the quickest way possible and then just let all the haters bash away, and you know that those will be the first ones that I unfriend if they don't do it to me first. I can just see the look on all the football jocks faces who got their kicks by calling me a fag and queer in high school when they find out they were right.

Anywho, 6 days and my blog is 1 year old!



I haven't blogged in two weeks :( I've just had nothing going on. I go to school, I come home and read or listen to music or play video games. Same routine every day, the only time it changes is when my sister brings my niece over.

I could start running outside for a little variation, it's been 40+ degrees the past few days and its pretty amazing.

Oh wait I do have something to talk about, I saw Alice in Wonderland last night! It was amazing, such crazy graphics and characters! It was like a drug trip with out the potential for a conviction or the nasty after affects.

In 15 days its this blogs first birthday!




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