I just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire for the first time. It was good, great camera work, good acting, interesting story. But, in all it, wasn't my favorite movie ever. However, it was just the first viewing so maybe with a second watch I'll catch something I missed that will make me like it more.

Nothing really exciting to report, other than I find it very hard to work at college campuses and high schools. There is just to much to look at if you catch my drift. Like on Friday I set up a tent in the "Quad" at a local college, it was right in the middle of all the frat houses and I don't know how the guys I was working with didn't notice me staring. Not that I really care if they know I'm gay as they probably won't last the entire summer, I hope a few do as there are some really nice guys and 2 of them are cute.

Tomorrow I find out if Darren, the guy I recognized, got hired. I'm kinda mixed on the whole thing. I mean, he could be completely different toward me now that he doesn't have to impress all the other jerk offs from my high school, but then again he could be exactly the same. The sad thing is that even though he was a total ass to me, I'd still let him in my pants, his body was amazing when we were in soccer and I can only hope its gotten better. God, this just affirms to me that I really need to find a boyfriend, I'm stooping to lusting after people I hated in HS.

G'night all and super hug,


Yay, my mom started her job today!!! She'll be making frozen pizzas on an assembly line, I know it doesn't sound like much but its a job and thats all that matters. Plus we get 12 pizzas for 12 dollars a week thats 696 pizza a year!

Oh and some fun facts. I was at a high school taking down a stage from their graduation and the program said that the ceremony was held in the Torchy Clarks Gym, he was apparently the schools track coach since the dinosaurs roamed the earth and he just recently passed away. SO I now know of 2 Torchy's. I don't know why but I think its interesting.

In other news, I'm a pretty good judge of character and I have found the people at work that I can just feel that I'm going to clash with.... As I've said before this is my third summer there, meaning aside from the owner of the company I'm the one with the most experience. One of the newer guys asks me a question on how to do something and I'm across the room from him so I tell him and start walking over to show him what I was saying. He sits there and throws out all these stupid ideas on how to do it and I just keep telling him to do it the way I said... so I just show him how its supposed to be done and he goes "Well thats what I said we should do in the first place." I wanted to scream "NO, thats what I told you to do but you didn't trust the person who knows wtf he is doing." The sad part is this guys in his late thirties at least, so I just think he doesn't like having to listen to a 20 y/o like me...

The fun never ends...



P.S. Welcome to Callen and Nick. Callen's got a blog and Nick doesn't. Thanks for following this random thing I call my blog : D

Well, today was short at work. Nothing was going up or coming down, which was great cuz it was raining all day. I was only there for 4 hours. As far as the guy I recognized, I don't know if he got hired but if he did he probably won't start until Monday when the pay week starts again.

My car is back from the shop! Which means that I was told how to drive a stick shift again... from my mother who rides the clutch whenever she drives it. I was told that I shift into gear too fast, yeah I shift like a normal person not like a grandma.

3 ways you know your parents are getting old... 1) they watch HGTV (home and garden) or home improvement shows ALL DAY 2) Mom needs a cart EVERY time you go grocery shopping just so she can have something to lean on 3) they start asking you if you are hungry at 4pm.



So today was just that a bit rainy, which makes it fun to set up/take down tents. But in all it wasn't bad it only rained for about 15 min when I was actually outside. After that the guys on my crew and I just examined some tent tops for Thursday washed them and then we were done.

As I was leaving there was a guy filling out an application at the desk, and while I didn't see his face his legs were amazing. Unfortunately, I think I know him... and if he is who I think he is its not gonna be fun. I played soccer with him and he pretty much made my life hell... Cuz while I dress well, I don't dress femmy and yet I was always the one who got called all the lovely gay slurs...

Grrr if it is him I'll have to decide how to deal with him....

They removed the clip as it was just a temporary teaser.... lame

This is just a clip from the pilot of Glee, they have clips and full episodes of shows on hulu. I don't know how to change the box size for embedding yet but with some playing I should eventually be able to figure it out.

Ok, I missed the premiere of Glee on Fox this week so I went online and found it on Hulu, which is now my favorite new website.

Glee is amazing. It's funny and has amazing talent and it deals with identity issues (something everyone seems to deal with...). Go check it out or I won't like you anymore : P. Everyone should because the lead guy in the glee club is gorgeous.

Today we had to run down to Milwaukee to pick up my sis so she could spend some time with her aunt and uncle. So, what do we do? We go to a car dealership so mom can look at SUV's.... essentially throwing all of my sisters plans off.

Oh, and Jarrod as far as what I did to my hands. The blisters started on my first day back, when I struggled for 3 hours to get 5 pallets of stage decking onto a truck. They decided to open the next day when I had to set said stage back up at another college for their graduation. I also tore up my knee on Wednesday, trying to put some stupid carpet on another stage... I hate graduation season...

I have the whole weekend off!!! I can sleep and maybe by Monday my body won't hurt so much.

After one week of work these are my hands.My left hand and my right have blisters in the same spots... and I have scrapes on my chest that I don't know how I got.

Oh and as far as the car, supposedly the clutch just went on the fritz. While this is very frustrating to me, they shouldn't charge us for it cuz they just fixed the stupid thing


Apparently, EVERYTHING that goes wrong with the car I drive is automatically my fault.

OK, so I'm driving on the highway, get off on to the ramp and I press the clutch and shift into first gear. I do this and my car makes this gurgling rumble sound thing and I'm like WTF. I pull it out of first to see if it just didn't line up correctly, and it won't let me shift into any gear not even reverse... I have to turn the car completely off to get it into gear. GAH, so I struggle with my car all the way to an auto body shop right by my house that has tow trucks and I run home to tell mom... which went over like a freaking lead brick...



SOOO tired... I worked a 14 hour day total but I'll only be paid for 13 1/2 because even if you don't take a lunch (which I didn't) they still take a half hour out...

I took down 3 tents, delivered some cocktail tables and took down a small stage... This was just my assignments for the day. THEN I had to go up to De Pere, a suburb of Green Bay, take down a shyt ton of stage and load up my truck AND the other truck that was already there... Anyway after a bunch of messing around I had to go back up there with one other guy to do a 3 person job, I had to load all the stage, it took 3 hours, which is like an hour and a half longer than it should have... In all I just LOVED my first day back, at least I'll have overtime by like Thursday at the latest,

Alright this is enough of my work rant...

I promised that I would do a 100 thing about me post today, and I swear I have it all written out. But, I'm too damn tired to type it all up and post it, maybe I'll save it for a more special occasion... like my birthday! Which is only 3 months and like 15 days away~ god, I'll be 21... I'm so old...


Tired Drew

Yay!!! I am home! Tomorrow I start work again... at least I'll have some cash flow again.

Now with this job I'll be working until whenever the work is done. So that could be anywhere from 4pm to 1am, meaning my blogging schedule will be crazy messed up.

As promised, I will do the 100 things about me post tomorrow.

Ahhh, I can sleep in my own bed, and more importantly I can wank in my own bed! I think this is the longest I have ever gone without, except for the first 10 years of my life. Hell, even when I was at camp (a Jesus camp) I still was able to have some happy time.

I'm so excited!!!

Blissfully going to oblivion,


I am sitting in the final hotel room before I get home... and I hate it.

I just want to go to a Barnes & Noble and buy like 3000 books, because material possessions that broaden my view of society make me happy.

I think I'll do my 100 facts about me post on Monday. I know i hit a thousand views on Monday of last week... but this vacation has been draining...

I told my dad on Thursday night that this will most likely be my last "family" vacation. I just can't deal with all of this anymore. My lovely mother proclaimed the same thing this morning. Apparently, all my sister and I do is snap at her and tease her... omg I'm 20 and I deal with criticism and sarcastic comments better than a 50 y/o.

ANYWAY! Following are some pics of of the vacation.Me and my sister. She's the ONLY reason I am still sane after this trip
My mom and pop... Unfortunately I can expect to look like him in another 5-10 years (hopefully just the bald part)... curse my genesThe falls at night, I know its blurry but for some reason my camera doesn't have a night mode and with all the mist in the air from the other waterfall none of them turned out well.

First Welcome to Put the Lotion in the Basket, a artistically inclined Brit who loves to dress to impress... or repulse depending on the people he's around. I've only had time to read a few of his posts but they are pretty interesting.

My day started out on the floor... because the hotel only had double beds, I decided to have my parents sleep together and my sister take the other bed. I know, I'm the best brother in the world. Everyone got up and showered and my sister decided that we were going to go walking around Montreal. So the two of us got away from the rents for 6 hours!!! It was heaven.
So Cirque was f*ing amazing! It was practically an orgasm for the eyes, the show we saw was called OVO and I think it's only touring in Canada for the time being. Plus, I sat next to this crazy cute guy who spoke French, Spanish, and English! To bad he was married with kids...

Sadly no pics of cute boys, it's hard to get any with your sister standing right there. That and it was horrible weather for most of the day, really windy and later it was raining... grrr.

Tomorrow we're back on the road bright and early for Niagara Falls, we'll get there tomorrow afternoon which means we won't do ANYTHING till Saturday. So Saturday we go on the Maid of the Mists, some other crappy tourist thing and then we're getting back on the road for Cleveland... More of this "vacation" will be spent in a car doing nothing but listening to my iPod and reading.

Hello from wonderful Montreal!

Well so far so... interesting. After almost two full days in a car we arrived in Montreal at about 4pm Wisconsin time. I am currently sitting in the hotel room with my family... fun.

Anyway, we went to this restaurant called "The Keg." OMG I couldn't get a pic but let me tell you there were some GORGEOUS waiters. There was one who... drool... omg he was perfect. Perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect bone structure, perfect slim body... AND the French accent!!! To use a shoe shopping reference when ones good buy one in every color, and I would have gladly taken him home.

Tomorrow, I am hoping to get away from the parents and maybe get some pics of some bois, so far I've only been able to get a pic of a mural that I saw...Next vacation I go on, I'm going alone... I want to see and do things, not listen to my mother complain that she's tired

I'm up over a thousand views since I put the counter up... I guess that means I should do something fun... hmm what to do.

I think I'll do the 100 things about me but it'll take me a while to think of them.



Well almost... I have my math final on Monday morning and the final presentation for my human psych class later that afternoon. On Tuesday, I just have to email in my final paper for another class and I AM DONE!!!!

After all of this I just have to tidy up my room a bit and then we're on the road for Canada! While I will enjoy the trip, I'm not looking forward to the 8 hour car ride up there. That much time in a small space with my family will surely drive me insane. We'll be up there for 3 days and then come down through Niagara, arriving back home late Sunday night.

So next week will be light on the blogging, seeing as I don't have an iPhone or anything fun. But I will be taking loads of pics so depending on when we get home on Sunday I'll be posting some of what we saw.

Canada and Cirque du Soleil here I come!!!



#1 As you take damage Wolverines shirt gets ripped/shot/exploded off of him.

#2 HOURS of gore. I know I'm a bit weird, but for some reason a game that you can feel in your gut as you play it just appeals to me.

#3 It fills in some of the gaps that the movie leaves unanswered, some of the alternate story is a bit awkward (I.E. robots) but they explode prettily so I won't complain.

I was going through my Yahoo! homepage the other day and I noticed that Ryan Reynolds is setting up for another X-men movie as Deadpool. Now I don't know who's seen it so I won't ruin anything, but I will say a resounding DUH!

I was never a huge fan of Star Trek when I was younger. However, with the cast of the newest edition of it and the CG effects that will make it infinitely better than the crappy TV show, I am very interested.Now scientists are saying that warp drive may be a possibility! Oh the time-space bending possibilities. Maybe, by the time I'm 102 with the body of a 40 y/o, thanks to all the amazing scientific advances of the future, I'll be able to travel the stars (hopefully with a hunky bf).

Nerdy Drew

P.S. I read Torchy's post the other day about how people don't listen to music posts... If you don't like the songs I pick you can kiss my shiny metal ass, LISTEN TO THEM.


Drew <3

Why do people do what they do?

In this case I'm talking about my grandparents, and here's the situation. My grandparents had the same swing for, ummm, lets say a million years (15 at least). Well one of the legs was all rusted out so after years of prodding they finally got a new swing. Well, like all the stuff you buy from stores like Lowe's or Home Depot you need to assemble it at home.

So, do you think my 84 y/o grandfather would call his strapping 20 y/o grandson to come and help him put it together?


So my dad and I went over to visit on Sunday and grandma says, "I went downstairs to finish up the quilts for the twins. I come upstairs and find your grandfather sitting on the floor of the garage putting the swing together." He was out there for 3 freaking hours!

I go, "Why didn't you call me, you have my cell phone number and the home number?"

"I'm not dead yet," was his reply.

Now this is an ironic statement seeing as one of his favorite quotes is, "If I were a horse they would have shot me long ago."

I love my grandparents but sometimes... GRRR.


Oh god, mom just turned on the Hallmark channel... time to go find someplace else to spend the rest of my night...

I figure before I go into the rest of my time down in Milwaukee I should take some time to explain my friends.

Oh Torchy, roommates are people that you either pick or are assigned to live in the same room as you for the school year. Also, at my school the way the dorms were set up was that there would be a maximum of 5 people in 2 rooms, connected by a bathroom making it a suite, hence the word suitemate.

Now to my other family. My group of friends had probably the most diversity out of any other groups. We had Tom (T), Eric (E), Laura, Brit and a few other people along with myself. Tom was my roommate freshmen and sophomore year, I went to high school with him. I met Eric and Brit through the boring frosh mixers, we all have the same sense of humor so we all got along really well. Brit was the token black girl in our little gang, and Laura is the Asian of the group.

Eric and I have gotten along the best out of all my friends. As I said we have almost the exact same sense of humor, to the point where we finish each others jokes and toward the end of freshman year we were finishing the others sentences. I'm also the probably only one, who isn't a woman, who can really control him when he starts to get extremely inappropriate or if he's really pissed (angry not drunk) at someone. All of this makes him my hetero life partner.

F*ing awesome!!! It covers the whole back story on how Logan became what he is and lost his memories.

Anywho, I got down to Milwaukee at about 1:30pm on Friday and hung out with my friends for a while, we were bored and there wasn't anything happening on campus cus its getting close to the end of the school year. This led to a few hours of zombie explosions and general mayhem.

After dinner we decided that we wanted to go out and do something, so I suggested we go and see 17 Again because I have heard some really good reviews about it. So T*, E*, and I went to see it, E was all worried that it would be weird that there were 3 guys going to see it cus of Zac Efron... I smacked him upside the head. I will admit that Zac is crazy hot... but that was only part of the reason the movie was good. There are some really surprisingly funny moments and the story is well written and acted.

Today was X-men day, the 7 of us all enjoyed it as far as I could tell. Kat screamed a little when Gambit came on screen and I told her to keep it in her pants... that girl has a bigger sex drive than I do and I'm a freaking 20 male virgin...

Anyway, after the movie we went back to the dorms and I helped T take down the room. All the furniture in the dorms there is stackable, so you can loft your bed on top of the desk and dresser. It's almost impossible to set it up or take it down by yourself so I figured that if I helped him put it up I'd help take it down. When this was done it was time for me to head home.

I'll fill in the rest tomorrow cuz it's late.


*T is my old roommate
*E is my suitemate from this last school year and my hetero half


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