It's only Tuesday and I feel exhausted. It probably doesn't help that I stayed up to 2:30am on Sunday or was it Monday, I don't remember, finishing "New Moon."

Has anyone noticed how SMOKING Taylor Lautner is?
Excuse me while I go relieve some umm... tension.

He's the only reason I will see the movie. Well, thats not true most of the other guys are gorgeous too, not Robert Pattinson though he looks like he's done too many drugs for me.

I'm also excited for Where the Wild Things Are! It looks SO GOOD!

Anywho, I'm off to bed... I have some papers to write in the morning. Well, they're not really papers but more... random thoughts written typed up and called a journal. Literally that's how my prof described them to us when she gave us our syllabus.



So this past weekend was Oktoberfest in Appleton. We always go, every year for as long as I can remember. Oktoberfest is held on College Avenue downtown. I love going, I normally eat oodles of great food.

This year though I just had a Tiger Paw. Now for those of you who don't know what that is... It is also known as an Elephant Ear, and it is basically bread dough, deep fried and covered in sugar. SOOO GOOD!!!

Yesterday was Sunday so we start at church. Now I have the INCREDIBLE pleasure of going to the same church as my boss... well my boss's wife. She's never been incredibly polite or nice at all, but last year when she had a stroke she lost what little filter she had for her contempt of humanity. So yesterday we're leaving church and she goes, "So WHEN are you coming back to work? We're swamped right now and could use all the extra help we can get." I reply politely that I was supposed to start back up in October and that I would get my schedule of availability to him the next day. When I was really thinking, "Listen, he has my home and cell phone numbers if he were really SOO busy that he needed me, why didn't he call?"

In other news, both my parents now know about my piercings. They pretty much just shook their heads and said I was crazy, but I knew that already.

My cousin is getting married soon, in Oconomowoc (some of you might need help pronouncing that one). My uncle sent an email saying he was reserving a block of rooms for everyone for after the reception, but he didn't say in the message where the wedding was... that's my uncle for you. If I remember correctly the wedding will be next spring/early summer, so that will be nice. I think he did it cuz he remembered that after the last wedding I went to I got into a car accident driving home... totaled my car, maybe I'll do a post about that next.

My grandparents are good, crabby and stubborn as usual. According to my grandfather every major league athlete who has long hair is a homosexual, now this has been toned down cuz he seems to enjoy saying queer loud enough that people two blocks down can here. Oh to be born during the Great Depression, go through WW II, have 13 grandchildren, and be 86. Like I said my family's pretty crazy. I still love him though, even if he doesn't necessarily condone homosexuality he will tolerate it since the guy across the street lives with his boyfriend. What can you do with old people...

Well, I guess that's it for now.



I just love the little pop ups, they are too funny!

Did I miss the memo that says we have to make a celebratory post for our 100th post?

Cuz after this I hit it 4 posts ago... so... um...


I don't have any classes tomorrow! So I'm heading over to my grandparents for the afternoon.

I should probably go talk to my boss at work about setting up my schedule for the winter, I need some cash flow again.

I should also really start looking for alternate work, I really don't want to spend another summer breaking my back for $9 an hour...



Ahlan, ismee ana Drew! (Hello my name is Drew)

Tyler from Thoughts of a Gay Boy in Highschool is playing a fun little game, you make a mosaic of pictures answering questions.

1) Where are you from? (you can choose to answer with your country, state/province, or city)
2) What' your favourite food?
3) What's your favourite drink?
4) What's your ideal/favourite (future) job/career?
5) What's your favourite thing about yourself?
6) What's the place you most want to visit?
7) What's your favourite body feature on someone else?
8) What's your favourite Movie?
9) What's your favourite TV show?
10) Choose one word that best describes you
11) What time period would you most like to have lived in? (in the past)
12) What's the next thing you're (probably...) going to purchase?

My answers:

1. Wisconsin
2. Spaghetti Pie
3. Lemonade
4. World Traveler think Anthony Bourdain
5. Everything, I wouldn't be me without all the bits and pieces.
6. London or Mexico City, ahem... you know why
7. Abs
8. Fight Club!!!
9. GLEE!!!!!!!
10. Musical
11. Ancient Greece
12. Black Chuck Taylors

Dave, what if the love babies looked like Torchy, HMM?

So, Arabic was pretty fun and the whole 3 different ways to write the letters isn't really that bad. Now, I just have to learn to read and write from right to left. My teacher is originally from Iran, so it's not like I've got some guy who thinks he knows what he's saying.

Wanna know something? There are only 4 students in the class. That officially makes it THE smallest class I have ever been in. But it should be really good, there are 10 or 12 Egyptian students at my college and they might come in to talk with us. Nothing like total immersion to teach you a language!

Ma'a s-salaama (goodbye)



Sorry to everyone who was unable to watch the clip... it was a bit from Saturday Night Live.

If anyone has seen it before its called "Really!?!" It was about Kanye West, and for those who didn't see it probably the best line in it is, "Kanye if you see an old lady holding a "Worlds best Grandma" mug and you think you know a better grandma, don't slap it out of her hand."

In other news, my piercings seem to be healing nicely. Just a little bruising around the left one, but otherwise okay. I haven't been sleeping all that well because of them though... I can't sleep on my stomach for a while and I stay half awake cuz I'm afraid I'll roll over onto them. It's kinda like when you know you have to be up early so you keep looking at the clock even though its like 5 hours away.

Oh, tomorrow I start my Arabic class! I'm kinda nervous, but in all I'm more excited. The thing I'm most worried about is the writing, I mean there are three different ways to write EACH letter, EACH! If the letters at the beginning of the word you write it like this, if it's in the middle you do that, and at the end is something completely different. How will I remember it all?

Has anyone noticed how we all defer anything medical to Aek? I would just like to say that should we ever find out who or where Aek is, he'd probably be able to start a profitable private practice based entirely on a gay/bi clientele. Just a thought.



Nothing really exciting today... Went to The Little Farmer, an apple orchard on Lake Winnebago, for some caramel apples and pies and such.

Told/showed my mom about my piercings and just got a "Man you're weird." I told her at church cuz I figured she wouldn't make a scene there.

Great chat with Fer last night and I got a chance to talk Dave too! In this conversation I agreed to carry his love babies, so despite the technical difficulties involved, I'm sure Aek can figure out a solution with his medical expertise.



Fer asks and he shall recieve!

Drew's Fav song of the week #10

British band Muse just had their first show in the states at the VMA's, where they rocked the faces off the audience.

Loads of other good songs like Super Massive Blackhole, Time Is Running Out, and Knights of Cydonia. Check them out if you like a bit of rock in your morning cereal.

As Torchy mentioned in one of my previous posts I had this pic of myself.
In this pic I am mysteriously hairless, while in the previous post I am fuzzy. Now, I understand being hairy is something guys have to deal with, but I for the most part do not enjoy being so. Chest hair just bothers me, I don't know why but it does. So every once in a while when I'm feel like being an over achiever I'll shave my chest.

I shave with an electric razor cuz I'm lazy... so normally I use my preshave alcohol stuff to numb and go from my face south. I use the sideburn trimmer to shorten anything long and just shave the rest. I pretty much just do the trail and shape the top of the... ahem...

Yes it gets all stubbly when it grows back in, and yes it itches like a trucker. I've never noticed any lines.

As I said this is only done on for when I'm feeling ambitious, and I've been lazy lately so I'm furry. I have considered just doing my chest cuz its been irritating me, I have alot of V-neck shirts (not really deep V's but deep enough) and it bothers me when it shows.

I now have 4 extra holes in my body.
They should take about 6 months to fully heal, but as long as my body doesn't reject them I'm happy!

My act of rebellion is now complete.

The RN who did the piercing was going through all the safety measures I should do to make sure that I don't hurt myself, "Now you can't sleep on your stomach for a while, and you have to be really careful during sexual activity." I just kinda had to laugh at that... I go "Oh I don't have to worry then, besides getting these done without my parents knowing, I'm generally the "good boy."

Surprisingly the thing that hurt the most was the clamp she put on to pull the skin up. I mean, I felt the needle going through but it was pretty much just like donating blood. When she put the barbell in it stung a bit cuz the threads on it catch a little skin, but otherwise it wasn't bad.

Such a rebel.



First, totally had a great chat yesterday with Fer!

Ok, so in my Yum post I talked about how my ears were weird and I said that there was a story behind it so here it is.

I was carried for an extra month, my original due date was sometime in August. Well that came and went and my mom was a little concerned, so they went to the doctor to get a checkup. Doc said that I was fine and that as long as there was no stress on me or my mother, I would come when I was ready to come. So, on the 5th of September at about 11pm I decided to come, well... about half way through i decided to be a brat and be born facing up instead of down or down instead of up (I obviously can't remember I had more important things to worry about, like "why am I being squeezed out like tooth paste?"). So they gave up on trying to turn me over and just pulled me out with a suction cup (my sisters would tell me they did it with a toilet plunger when i was older...) at about 1am on the 6th.

Now, because I was carried an extra month my skin had started to dry out, so I shed like a snake. That and my ears were folded in on themselves, I know "DREW, you're really weird!" Anyway, within an hour of my birth I had a plastic surgeon figuring out what to do to fix it. So, for the first few weeks I basically had sticky putty behind my ears and masking tape on the lobes to flatten them out.

Consequently, my ears stick out a little farther than "normal" ears, which led to hours of me being called Dopey (like the dwarf from Snow White) or Dumbo... Children can be so mean...

Now you know the story of my strange birth.

Oh, another fun fact is that my dad almost passed out in the delivery room LOL.




pps: Torchy, why don't I ever get invited to the movies? :P

I'm totally eating half a watermelon right now.

This is also yummy.
The Bugatti Veyron. In my opinion the very definition of sex on wheels. It also costs 5 million pounds to make one car. So, seeing as most of us will never see that kind of money in our lifetimes, I will definitely be taking Torchy up on that offer.

As far as my "I turned 21 lets do something stupid" plan, I haven't done it yet. I'm doing some research on what I'm planning. I'm thinking of getting my hips pierced, cuz I think its kinda hot. Plus, piercings only leave scars that will tan out after a while.
Matthew Lush, of some Youtube fame, is a perfect example for pierced hips. I think its the best choice as it's fairly inconspicuous and not permanently permanent like a tattoo would be (although I want at least one of those too).

The only thing I will NEVER EVER EVER do is gauge my ears. It's SO weird to me, "Yay, I've stretched my ears to the point where I can put a dinner plate in there!!! Now, how do I get back to normal?" My ears already look weird enough the way it is, there's a story about that for another day.



Normally it would be me who has to ask for some spare cash to make sure I can pay for my gas or some such thing. I mean, I'm the irresponsible 21 y/o who hasn't balanced his checkbook in, umm, since I opened the account...

SO, I get to loan my pop five hundred dollars to make sure he can cover one of the bills, which he forgot would be withdrawn this week.

I'm completely fine with having to do this, they're my parents and it's eventually going to be taking care of them one way or another, but I didn't think it would be this soon. Oh well, he'll pay me back by the end of the week.



P.S. Watching Top Gear right now and I will officially have sex with anyone who owns a Bugatti Veyron.

Well as the title says I'm back at home.

So hibachi is freaking DELICIOUS, OMG I had swordfish (something I've never had before) with teriyaki on it and it was amazing! The rice was freaking good too. I'm definitely going to more hibachis. We went there for dinner on Saturday night, and it was a blast.

As far as Friday night and the Safetysuit concert goes, that too was amazing but in a slightly different way. Ok, Safetysuit has been in the VH1 Top 20 Countdown for a few weeks now, so every other college in the area was apparently begging to be allowed to have students come to this concert. Well, apparently they weren't allowed... so out of a school of 750ish there were maybe 250 students at the concert... to me this is kinda depressing, they could have filled the entire gym with people if they would have invited other schools, but we took up less than a quarter of the gym. Sometimes I'm really glad I don't go to that school anymore, they just don't make wise decisions... They could have made a nice profit off the concert if other schools could have come, I mean even if they charged $5 for a ticket, that's still a hefty chunk of change when you have four to five thousand people.

Now don't get me wrong the concert was really good and I was literally 10 feet from the lead singer (who's pretty freaking sexy). The two songs that I'm really familiar with were well done, and the sound quality (for being in a gym) was great.

There were two negatives that I can think of. Firstly, not to be critical, but the lead mic was a bit too quiet. Secondly, the douche's who started moshing were irritating as hell, they kept bumping into people in the crowd.

I still haven't figured out the best way to get the pics I took off my phone, but I hopefully will be able to show you them soon.



Hey guys, I'm in Milwaukee for the weekend. Lots to talk about and if I can get the pics off my phone I can show you the Safetysuit concert that was at my old school!



OK, so I have the comment box popping up in a separate mini frame now. Hopefully this fixes it for everyone.

If it didn't... I'll cry and then try something else.

Tell me if it's still all hinky or if its good, k?



I've now had like 5 people tell me they're having trouble commenting on my blog and I can't figure out why...

I know it has to do with my template, but I cant figure out any way of fixing it. If anyone is good with HTML or has any handy tips for me on fixing it, TELL ME! PLEASE!!!



So, last night I went out to the Ave, College Avenue in Appleton, for my friends 22nd birthday. The Ave has one of the highest concentrations of bars in the area so everyone goes there to do a death march(hitting every bar on the street) for their 21st bday

Now, my parents knowing that I'm such a WILD guy, gave me the "if you get a DWI you're off the car insurance and you have to find your own car speech"... thanks for the vote of confidence pops...

So knowing that I had to drive home AND I never really want to lose control of myself or my functions, I had 2 drinks in 4 hours. Now pathetic as that may seem, it was my first time out so I was just trying to figure out what tasted decent to me. I have found that I don't really like Captain and Coke, it's a little to bitter for me, however; black cherry vodka and sprite is pretty decent. Plus they were $4.50 a piece, that's what like 7 euros if I can remember the exchange rate, which is re-freaking-diculous, if you look at what they use and how much everything actually costs, they are making like 3.75 in profit.

We went out for pizza after, which was good. I would have preferred something deep fried... I was craving some chicken tenders, but there's only pizza places and "fine dining" on the Ave.

So totally NOT hung over,


Wednesday's are now my favorite night EVER. First there's So You Think You Can Dance AND Glee!!! Two of my all time favorite shows. SO EXCITED!!!

In other news, I'm going to be an uncle. Now normally I'd be happy about this, but there will been a lot of issues to wade through.

I don't know if I've told you this but I have 2 older sisters. My oldest is 31 years old, the middle is 26, and I'm 21. Wanna know something weird? There are exactly 5 years 2 months separating us all. My sisters are technically half-sisters, my mom divorced her first husband after he took a swing at her and broke his hand on the door frame.

Ok, so back to the story. My oldest sister is pregnant, and is due around Valentines Day. Which is great, I'm happy for her, truly I am. I just wish the father were, umm a better man... Now I know I'm not supposed to judge and all that jazz, but her husband is at least as old as my mother (he has a child that's older than me, from one of his other relationships) and I'm kinda creeped out by him. For example, one Easter I was sick and went over to their house while my parents were at church doing Easter breakfast, while I was there they dyed eggs he proceeded to write profanities on the eggs which would be eaten by his children, not a great example for my future niece or nephew...

There's tons of other issues that have to be dealt with, AND I just found out that she's coming over to our house on Thursday to maybe work some of them out between her and my mother... cuz the majority of those issues are between those two. Sounds like oodles of fun, and I kinda don't wanna be here for it...

At least I have the weekend to look forward to! Going to Milwaukee, having dinner at a hibachi (something I've never done before), and just hanging out with my friends.

I'll update you on the fun drama that will be sure to happen.



Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

Surprisingly, I actually got more birthday wishes from you guys (people I've never met in person, not that I don't love you all), than people I've known for years.

So, pretty much my birthday was spent exactly as I predicted. I didn't even have a drink at dinner, there are reasons for that but I won't go into it the day after my birthday it's to depressing to think about right now.

I'm going to have to work on that whole meeting more people, I go to school and associate with people, but I never really get around to making relationships with them.

I am now 21. Well if i want to be official in 2 min I am 21.

Another year older and not much wiser.


Birthday boy

So tomorrow I turn the big 21, and me being the wild and crazy guy I am here's what I'm doing for my birthday.

1. Wake up, shower and go to church.
2. Sit around home, killing brain cells on video games.
3. Go out to dinner with the 'rents.

Yup, I know freaking crazy.



What do you think of the new template?

Also 4 days to my birthday!!!

Tom and I have decided that we're going to go to Texas over Christmas break, now whether we are going to fly or drive is another matter. This will be decided when I go down next weekend. All I know is that I will NOT spend the entire winter in subzero temperatures.

On the school front. So far all my classes are pretty interesting, and the scenery isn't to bad either. I love the spring and fall so much more than winter... hot guys in shorts showing of calf... yum.



Finally, found the offical version fo Mika's We Are Golden!

Had to take down the other one cuz the video got removed for "user violations," sometimes Youtube can be so dumb.

I need something stupid to do for my 21st birthday. Something that doesn't involve me getting shitfaced and puking on my floor or some hot guys shoes.

Give me ideas, I'm personally thinking a tattoo or piercing.




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