So today was quite possibly the BEST day of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!

It started out on Tuesday, I went out for breakfast with a guy that I've been talking to for a while. We hit it off pretty well and chatted over pancakes and eggs. We were there for about an hour and a half and we hugged when we left. We proceeded to text and facebook chat for the rest of the day.

Wednesday went pretty much the same way, text and facebook chat pretty much the entire day.

Today, started out with me going shopping with a friend and when I got home I texted him, he asked if I wanted to do anything so I suggested we watch a movie. He came over to my place and we watched Easy A. We cuddled for pretty much the entire movie. We went out for dinner and then we just drove around aimlessly for a while. I took him home and we hugged, and then he leaned in and kissed me... I'm still smiling... I'm awkward as fuck at kissing considering he was my first kiss but OMG it was amazing.


It's been too long since I've done this, and I do apologize. On the other hand I've actually developed a semi normal social life.

I got a few more piercings since the last time I posted. I got my hips redone with subdermal implants rather than the surface piercings. Unfortunately, I bumped my left one while at work and it healed its way out. I got my ears pierced in the middle of November, which leads to another story that I'll tell in a second, and today I had another two dermals put in (I'll post a pic when its healed a bit more.) I'm thinking of getting my navel done next but I'm not sure about it. In the next couple of months I'll probably get a tattoo as well, just to even out my sides, I'm oddly obsessed with being as symmetrical as possible.

So that other story I mentioned. The night I got my ears pierced I came home and no surprise my mom just looked at me and shook her head. A little later she asked me "What my girlfriend (when I get one) would think about all my piercings," I responded with an "I don't know." Shortly after this she asked me if I even wanted a girlfriend to which I said, "I know the answer but you probably won't like it." She asked me in a very round about fashion if I was gay, I gave her my answer and she got really quiet. She asked me why, I asked her why she liked dad when they were dating, she didn't respond.

She apparently called my sister sometime the next day while I was at work in a bit of a freak out thinking she had done something wrong, my sister said she was being insane and now that it was pointed out to her (my sister) it made total sense.

I told my other sister on the way up from Milwaukee a couple weeks before Christmas. She also said that made total sense now that I had actually said something.

I told Laura (who just happened to be my crush when I was like 6 and stupid) on the 29th of December and she said "You know, I was actually going to ask you... but I didn't want anything to be weird." She asked me if me telling her was a by product of the amount of liquor I had consumed at that point to which I just laughed and said that I had planned on letting some people know.

So after all that the grand total of people (who don't read this blog) who know without a doubt is 6.

Christmas was hectic, so much family and drama over stupid shit. Christmas Eve we went to a party at my second cousins house, loads of fun lots of liquor. We left there at about 6 to go to church, which did not make me happy (also I was a bit tipsy and I got stuck helping my dad usher.) Christmas Day my sister, her husband, and my niece all came over at about 2pm so they could open presents. Then we had my uncle and his family, my grandparents and everyone who was here already over for dinner. Mom cooked about 40 pounds more food than was actually needed so I was stuck eating left overs for the last 2 weeks, and its still not all gone.

I spent about $300 on new clothes in the last couple of months... dress clothes are so damn expensive. I also got some new super cute underwear. For Christmas I got a sweater "from my grandparents" which means that I picked it out and my dad paid for it with the money my grandparents gave him, and a desktop computer which I paid for initially and my parents paid me back.

Other than that I've been reading more which is good, and I've been rocking out to "Body Talk," by Robyn and a couple songs from Kylie Minogue's "Aphrodite."

I think that's it for today.




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