So today was quite possibly the BEST day of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!

It started out on Tuesday, I went out for breakfast with a guy that I've been talking to for a while. We hit it off pretty well and chatted over pancakes and eggs. We were there for about an hour and a half and we hugged when we left. We proceeded to text and facebook chat for the rest of the day.

Wednesday went pretty much the same way, text and facebook chat pretty much the entire day.

Today, started out with me going shopping with a friend and when I got home I texted him, he asked if I wanted to do anything so I suggested we watch a movie. He came over to my place and we watched Easy A. We cuddled for pretty much the entire movie. We went out for dinner and then we just drove around aimlessly for a while. I took him home and we hugged, and then he leaned in and kissed me... I'm still smiling... I'm awkward as fuck at kissing considering he was my first kiss but OMG it was amazing.



Awww, that's cute. Happy for ya. :-)

Definitely better than Jesus!

Congratulations on your first kiss!

Other than perfect, what is he like?



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