Am I the only person who feels that after a certain number of "homo-centric" adult films, the actors who are "straight" can no longer subscribe to that definition?

What brings this question to my mind is Corbin Fischer. It's quite possibly my favorite... ahem... form of entertainment, but they sit there and label all of their models as straight or bi-curious. Now this confuses me, these guys have had more sex with more guys than (I'm assuming) most of the people reading my blog... how many times do you have to have sex with another man before you can be called clinically gay or bi? I mean, these guys are obviously turned on by what's going on so I'm of a strong opinion that they're no longer entirely "straight."

But anyway thats my rant for the day.

In other news, only 3ish more weeks of school!!! WOO! Then its time to start the summer job and get all toned up and tan again. Cuz ya see, after 8 months of cold and snow, I lose my clearly defined four pack (I just can't seem to get those last 2 abs to show) and it turns to just a smooth stomach, and I'm ridiculously pale. So as much as I hate the job by the end of summer I love what it does for me.

Last weekend was my nieces baptism, and it was only slightly awkward. It was held at an ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) church, so the service was weird to me. I'm the godfather my sister was one of the godmothers and her two sisters were the others. See now this is where it gets confusing... My sisters are technically half-sisters from my mothers first marriage and the other two godmothers are from her ex-husbands second marriage. So things were just a bit tense between the families since my mother and his wife don't get along (to put it nicely.)

And now for my new jam of the past few weeks! I first heard it as I was driving to Chicago to help my sister move into her new apartment in Milwaukee and I fell in love with it. It's called Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. The video is from 500 Day of Summer, which I've heard is a great movie but I haven't actually seen it yet.


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