I get to go see my friends tomorrow!!!!

It's unfortunately a 1 1/2 hour drive down, but it's totally worth it. I love Milwaukee! We're going to go see X-men and I'm spending the night in my old room (when I went to school there.) The next day will be full of blowing up zombies and monster bug creatures in Resident Evil 5. Ultimately, an amazing weekend.

First, welcome to my newest followers, C. Cohen of Incidents in my semi charmed life and JustK of Ten Seconds At A Time.

Today was dull. Had a math test this morning and I completely forgot one of the equations... meaning that I did horrible on the test cuz I needed it to do half the problems... Oh well, I can retest it and I'll drill that equation into my skull. I'm so glad schools done in two weeks, TWO WEEKS!!!

I'm considering my possibilities for school next year, I'll probably stay at the technical college until I find a school with an excellent language program. I really want to find a school that fits well with me too, I'd LOVE to go to Spain and just be around people who speak Spanish fluently, no better way to learn a language than to be fully immersed in it. But, I'd need to work for at least 2 years and spend absolutely nothing on anything to be able to afford it...

OH my new pet peeve is the swine flu, I can understand that it is a serious threat to infants and young children, honesly I can. But an ADULT should be able to realize that, "Hey I feel terrible and I have fluids coming out of both ends that are supposed to stay in my body, I think I may be ill." The word pandemic is also irritating, small pox thats a pandemic, but the flu? There should be absolutly no reason that it could threaten the lives of adults as long as they get the rest they need and drink plenty of fluids to fight off dehydration.

Anyway thats my rant for the night...

Hugs <3


The Klaxons- Golden Skans

I found this song almost 2 years ago now. They have some very interesting videos, like the one for Magick, but I love their sound.

First of all welcome to X! my newest follower. Go check him out at Dawn to Dusk, once again this is a Torchy find (excellent taste my young(?) British friend.)

So the reason for my title is that I just put my retainer in...

I had braces for eighteen months to keep my jaw from locking up and popping all the time. I finally got them taken off a week before Thanksgiving last year and was so excited because I could eat like a normal person.

I'm technically supposed to wear it all day/night long and only take it out when I eat anything, well I'm always munching on something. Despite how much I eat I don't really gain weight at all thank God. Anyway, I wear it at night but it's painful to put it in because my teeth tighten ever so slightly during the day. Oh well, my parents didn't pay what they did for my teeth to shift and mess up my jaw again...

Tomorrow I'll put up another one of my favorite songs and I hope you all like it.


Drew <3

Ok, just watched Bride Wars and this is gonna sound incredibly femmy.

I LOVED IT (jazz hands included).

It's a bit unbelievable since if they were such close friends they would have been more than happy to adjust/change the date, but in all its excellent. I love a good movie, if the acting is well done and the film work is good I will see anything.

I'm incredibly excited for the new Star Trek movie and for X-men Origins! Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in one movie! I don't know if I'll be able to control myself (more for Ryan than Hugh.)

If you have any movie suggestions I'll be happy to check them out.


Just finished Hotel for Dogs, and it too was great. Good storyline and it touched the heart.

A big welcome to my 22nd follower Pilgrim!

Thanks Torchy for plugging his blog.

I have a question!

Well, anyone with a visit counter can help me.

I found a hit counter, but I can't figure out how to get it on my page...



So the other day I was watching the F Word on BBC America and I just have one question.

What the hell is a quid? Is it the same as a pound or is it less than one?

Oh, wait I have a second question.

What the hell is "stone?" I understand it's a method of weighing something but when Gordon says he weighed "12 stone" I don't know how much that actually is.

In other news...

Only 4 more weeks until I go to Montreal to see the 25th anniversary of Cirque du Soleil!!!!!!! Then we come down through Niagara Falls in all 4 days in Canada.

Then the following Monday I start my summer job... Its my third summer and I hate it there, but it pays decently and it's actually hiring. Another summer setting up tents, makes for a great tan and some decent muscle tone, but its hot as hell and the hours suck.
See that big ass white thing in the back. I set that shit up, not by myself obviously but half the times it seems like I'm the only one who's actually working.

This photo was taken at Country USA, the largest country music festival in the states, and our biggest 2 weeks of work all year. The worst part about setting up for this was that for 12 hours they played "Hotel California" for the sound check and then to mix it up a little they played "Sail Away" by Enya... I wanted to die.

The best part is that last year my boss gave everyone a 3 day pass for it and those 3 days off. Unfortunately, I couldn't go due to family plans... I missed 3 days of some incredibly hot men walking around without shirts on, and I thankfully missed 3 days of drunk girls flashing and the 40+somethings that think its O.K. for them to walk around in bikini tops (I vomited a little the first time I saw them).

This year it will take a team of wild horses dragging me to keep me away from all that. I'll put ear plugs in to block out the innane howling that is country music and keep my camera at the ready. I'm also going to find the biggest belt buckle in the place and buy it just for shits and giggles.


Ok, the President got a dog... BIG F*ING DEAL.

But, apparently some people do and I don't understand it. On the local news this morning they had "Bo Obama's" half brothers. The reporter made a comment to the effect of, "The president should invite you to the White House, since you own a dog that's related to his."

I love dogs as much as anyone else but this is just ridiculous in my opinion.

He's come so far from his preteen days with Disney

Oh, Torchy feel free to purve away when you're talking to me it gives me the warm fuzzies.


First, let me say that you know you live in Wisconsin when Saturday is sunny and 70, Sunday is rainy and 50, and Monday is 30s and snowing.... At least it's supposed to be 70s by the weekend again.

My sisters best friend had a baby in January (we'll call her S), so my Sunday starts by going to a baptism. I had been to this church for S's wedding, and it's leaps and bounds different from my normal church. As I've said in a previous post I am from a religious family, we go to a Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran (WELS) church which has some strict views on things like homosexuality.

Anyway, this church is kinda new age catholic if that makes sense. They have pictures of the saints around the church, the little candle lighting thing for prayers, and the reliquary for placing the communion bread. But they also have a "band" that plays for services and people woot and "AMEN" during songs, so its a bit Southern Baptist as well.

We get to the blessing of peace(?) where you go around and shake hands and greet everyone, and the woman in front of me goes to shake my hand. I foolishly assume that like most WELS church people they actually know how to shake hands... I swear I almost broke her hand, and I didn't even grip her. This hand shakeing thing takes FOREVER, it goes on for like 15 minutes and generally its just really uncomfortable for my family.

The church service ends and we go to S's house for lunch with their family, we stay there for a while and we have to get my sister back to Chicago so we start a lovely 3 1/2 hour drive down. It's pouring rain the entire way down and its plain miserable. We get down there have dinner at Ginger's, a nice little Irish soccer bar not far from my sister's place. In all we spent an hour maybe two there before we had to get back in the car and head home.

HOORAY for 7 hours in a car! My ass was asleep by the time we got home from sitting for that long...

Welcome to S and RC and thanks for following.

Went to a baptism today and then drove to Chicago and back, I'll talk about it more later.



I can wear shorts again!!!!

I can wear flip-flops again!!!!

I'm going outside now so I can work on my tan!!!!


there goes that dream Ryan (the one with the goatee) just got beaten in the duel....

Sad Drew : (

Ok, so I will admit I despised shows like the Real World and Road Rules in my youth. Then I hit puberty and realized that I was attracted to men and my view of the show changed completely. They have some amazingly attractive men, straight or gay.
This seasons Real World/Road Rules Challenge has quite possibly 2 of the most attractive gay men in the series, and they are attracted to each other so I'm fully expecting some action.

Sometimes, I wonder what is becoming of me... I need to find a boyfriend...

For I am a nerd. I play video games, what man doesn't in these times.

I played the first Assassin's Creed and I freaking loved it. The idea of running from rooftop to rooftop, diving down on someone and stabbing them in the kidneys just has something so visceral to it that it's hard to resist. Plus, Altair, the main character is just that dark and mysterious type that is so damn attractive.

I get my issue of Game Informer this month and I almost have a "I need something to clean myself" moment.

Assassin's Creed II is coming out in the quasi-near future! It's set in Italy and the graphics for it look AMAZING, if the pics in the mag hold true.

Good song and the lead singers pretty cute!

So last week Wednesday my mother was let go from her job of 12 1/2 years for a "policy issue." Now this policy issue is one that is broken on a daily basis by the higher up managers. She was the only member of management in the area, work needed to be audited so she handed her badge off so it could be done while she was dealing with something else. Well, a fellow employee (who my mother had to discipline for his lack of work ethic) decided to go a tattle on her... real mature. So I get home from class and not a half hour later she comes in crying, and I immediately go to myself "Shit, what happened now..."

My mother and I are pretty outspoken and we don't go down without a fight, which leads us to clash a lot. Right now I'm kinda freaked out cuz she hasn't really blown up about this yet, and I know that somewhere deep inside of her it just keeps building.

Hopefully having a job change will mellow my mom out, she always came home stressed out.

Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel,


Welcome to Gauss! He doesn't have a blog that I can see, but its good to know that people are taking an interest in my blog.

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Sorry, I'm watching Mary Poppins right now. I love Julie Andrews, she was such a great singer. It's so sad that they botched her surgery and now she cant sing like she used to.

Anyway, playing for church went well and lunch with my grandparents was good fun. I love listening to my grandma, she always asks us if we are hungry. She even asks us if we need more to eat after Thanksgiving when all of us are so stuffed that we're ready to burst.

Tomorrow its back to classes... yay. Oh, and I get to go help with the track team from my high school, at least I will have some cute guys to look at.



or so they say.

What attracts us to one another? The legs (my fav), the arms, the torso, or the eyes? I notice eyes the most in photos. National Geographic has some of the most amazing photos of people simply because you can feel the emotion behind it in your gut.

I had a friend of mine say that I have a beautiful eye color, "they remind me of a swamp." I could only respond with "Wow, thanks Kat."

I honestly don't know what color my eyes are... As with anyone they change a little with what I'm wearing, but over the years I they've gone from a kind of greeny brown with a goldish ring around the pupil, to a kinda steel blue with a gold ring... It's really weird.

Well Sunday is Easter, that means music practice for church on Saturday and then 3 hours of lip numbing trumpet playing on Sunday... Oh well, after that we go out for lunch with my grandparents which should be great.

Have a great holiday!!!


It's ME!!!I know, I'm absolutely hideous... and I need to work on my abs...

There, I've made up for not posting yesterday.

Once again nothing exceptionally exciting happened today.

Went to my grandparents for a visit, which was nice cuz I haven't seen them in two weeks. Heard the story about my grandpa being a juror for a negligence case for the 47th time. I don't care though cuz the stories and experiences they have had are important. Honestly, if i could live with my grandparents for a year and just record everything they say it would be an award winning memoir.

Well, tomorrow its back to another fun filled week of classes. At least we have Friday off for Good Friday.

Oh, I found a movie that I really liked. It's called Shelter, it's about a surfer and where/how he finds love and deals with family drama, all while dealing with what anyone reading this blog has gone through.

Anyway, yay for swimmers!

We all have favorites, they can range from your favorite song to a favorite position for you more experienced people out there:P

But I KNOW we all have a favorite pair of jeans, everyone does, gay or straight it doesn't matter. But what makes them your favorite pair? Is it the way the denim feels on your skin, or that you've had them so long that they just make you feel comfy and secure? Or is it the way they make your bum look?

Holy crap that's my ass, wait these jeans make it look like I HAVE an ass!!! These are by far my favorite pair of jeans, and well they should be, for some unknown reason I voluntarily payed $120 for them... But they have the softest denim and they fit perfectly AND, as you can see, they make my bum look good.

Now I just need it to be full blown summer so i can get my tan back, I'm so white... stupid 9 months of winter : (

What are your favorites?

Gordon Ramsey.

Pure and simple, the F Word is an amazing show, the guest challenge's are funny as hell. I'm actually watching it as I'm typing. He just took down a hare with a freaking golden eagle! What other show are you gonna see something like that on?

Oh, Top Gear!!! I'm not really a gear head (petrol head for you brits) but that show makes me laugh so hard.

I really should have been born in England.... plus then I'd have that amazing accent... did I mention I have a thing for accents? Not stupid American accents like people from Brooklyn where they make all there r's into h's. I'm talking about honest to goodness "I'm from another country" accents.

One time one of my cousin brought a friend of his from their swim team to Thanksgiving dinner. He was gorgeous, at least six feet tall, dark blond hair and built like a Greek god, and then I heard him talk... it was heaven, he was from Australia. I would have let him do things to me that would make the blind blush. But, that would have been very awkward to do in front of my grandparents. Oh well, you can bet I had fresh material for the next month.

So, a few of my friends have gone to England and I just have one question.

Is EVERYTHING so damn picture perfect?Hell, even the graffiti in London is pretty.

Finally, if this is what you get to look at in London I'm living in the wrong country.


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