Well, all that work I put into getting my blood just right was for FUCKING NOTHING.

I texted Faith (the girl I was going to the ave with) this morning and never got a response so I just figured she was at work and couldn't respond. I texted her again tonight before I left, again no response, so I figured that she had her phone in her purse and didn't notice it.

Well, I went down to the ave in hopes of finding her at The Bar, I know really original name for a bar, I sat around there for an hour getting complements on my costume and drinking my black cherry vodka and sprite, couldn't find her.

So I tried calling, "We're sorry, your service has been temporarily disconnected due to an overdue balance."

I'm incredibly pissed off at this point, so I just say fuck it, drove home, and proceed to get screamed at when I asked if this months bill had been paid.

Mom didn't pay the mother fucking phone bill.

Dad is currently trying to get the phones back working, but I don't know if they'll work tonight yet.

I've had one drink, I've been screamed at by my mother, and I've "stood up" people that I like because my mom can't manage her time well. And she blames it on me that everyone expects so much of her...

Too angry for hugs right now...

I found that if you put a little flour in the fake blood it thickens it up enough that it will stick, otherwise it just ran down my face.

I'm bringing my camera with so hopefully I'll get some more pics.



Torchy, the Prince of Perve, sent me some pics that really got my motor revving! Seriously, you have no idea how excited I got when I opened that envelope and out came the pics of that hot ride. I tell you what, it's beautiful. Torchy knows how to take a great pic of a beautiful thing, I just hopes he knows how to handle his incredible abilities.

I, of course, am talking about the AMAZING pictures of the Bugatti Veyron, you perverts.The three gorgeous pics he sent me were for my birthday, and although I just got them today, due to a clerical error in the post offices of England I'm sure, they are my favorite birthday present ever!

These pics bumped Torchy to the top spot on my unofficial boyfriend list. Now if only there weren't a few thousand miles of land and ocean between the two of us I could thank him in person.




P.S. Dave you've got some competition :P

I think I figured out what I'm going to wear for Halloween. I own a pinstripe suit and fedora, so I'm thinking a 30's era gangster, but I want to be a dead gangster with a bullet hole in my head. So now I need to find someone who's good with makeup to shoot me in the skull, so to speak.

I figured all this out while I was at the mall.

Speaking of being at the mall, I'm pretty sure that high school boys are like 100 to the power of n hotter than they used to be. My high school had 7-8 boys that I would have gone for, which is pretty decent considering there were only 700 students there. I'm walking through the mall and there were like 60 guys that I'd totally hit on... if they weren't jail bait...

Zombie hugs,


Ok, so my friend Faith invited me out on Halloween. Now, if I want free drinks I need to dress up. I haven't dressed up for All Hallow's Eve since I was... umm... 10 maybe.

So I need costume ideas and that is where you fine gentlemen come into play.

Soooo you have free reign to suggest anything... as long as I can go into public with it on.



I normally don't like MadTV, but I do like this skit.

I've had people like that in movies... They won't stop talking or they keep kicking the chairs behind you.

All this comes from me trying to look for the car crash scenes from the Blues Brothers movies on YouTube. Cuz I just finished watching Blues Brothers 2000 and the car crash's always get me, I swear every time they change out the for the new model of police cruiser they made a movie and just wrecked them.

And the only reason I watched BB2000 was because last night I watched the Skeleton Key with Kate Hudson, and the voodoo in that movie reminded me that Erykah Badu, uses voodoo on Dan Akroyd, who I saw in Ghost Busters 2 today.

Sometimes my thought process even confuses me.



P.S. The lyric from the last post was from the Thong Song, and I put it in because they sang it on Glee!

Is it weird that I love the show Cougar Town? It's about a woman who is trying to recapture her youth, by having sex with 20 year olds well one 20 y/o and he's hott, because she got pregnant right out of high school.

It's got Courtney Cox from Friends, and Cristina Miller who was Dr. Cox's wife on Scrubs. Its freaking hysterical, like I actually laugh out loud. I never actually make noise when I laugh, I do more of this soundless chuckle thing it's normal to me but my friends think its strange.

Anywho... My pops is flying to Texas tomorrow. His boss bought 3 or 4 new semis (lorries for all my British readers) and he gets to go down in the company jet and drive them back with the other guys he works with. This will probably be the only time he ever sees that jet, his boss is a bit of a miser.

She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck... Name that song.



I'm a month ahead of the scheduled finish for my math class, so that means I'll be completely finished with it 2 weeks before Thanksgiving! The best part is once I take that final I don't have to go back to that classroom for the rest of the semester.

Here's a song that I found on Itunes and I really like it.

Today we had a voters meeting at church to call a new pastor, cuz our current pastor is 60 years old. The president of the congregation comes up to us and goes, "Would you and Dave be willing to count the ballots?" I just shake my head...

He calls me by the wrong name EVERY TIME he sees me, and I just want to scream that my name is DREW. I mean honestly is it that hard of a name to remember?

The secretary calls my name in the roll call and 2 minutes later the pres. calls me Dave again, I say to my dad, "5 bucks says he calls me Dave at least 2 more times by the end of the meeting." Now, my father being a wise man declined the bet, cuz he would have owed me money.

Normally these call meetings go for like 3 hours because of all the things that need to be taken into account when making a call. These range from the age of the pastor, whether he has children and how old they are, and other items like that. So I was surprised when it only took an hour and a half.

We're calling a pastor from Florida, I almost feel bad asking him to move from balmy and beautiful to frigid and frozen. If he returns the call (declines it) we'll do the whole voting process over again, and again until a pastor decides to accept our call.

omnomnom by `ladytwiglet on deviantART

I don't know why but I think this pic is adorable, found it on DeviantArt one of my new favorite websites.

Go to this Drew's Fav's and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out why :P

Nothing really exciting going on right now, just classes and job hunting.

I may not have to get braces again!!!!!

I went to the oral maxillofacial surgeon yesterday to talk about the splint my dentist recommended, this splint would essentially rip my jaw forward in an attempt to catch the cartilage cup/disc/thing that sits in between your jaw and skull. Now to get the disc back where its supposed to be would require the slow process of working it back with braces. This would supposedly stop my jaw from cracking forever.

However, the oral surgeon recommended that I get a different kind of splint, its essentially a mouth guard that I would wear at night to keep me from clenching or grinding my teeth. Now, it won't stop my jaw from cracking but it will reduce the frequency and the possibility that my jaw will lock open or closed.

If I get my way I'm going with the second option cuz I really don't want braces again.

Yay for no metal mouth!



I want to do something, anything that doesn't involve being in the state of Wisconsin. Right now, not over the weekend, not over any of the school breaks, now.

You know what I want to do really bad?

I want to climb El Capitan in Yosemite , I want to go white water rafting, I want to base jump into the freaking Grand Canyon. Anything to get some adrenalin and excitement into my body.

Being responsible sucks. I wish I could just drop everything I'm doing and go live.

I think this drive to do something is so strong because I know winter is going to set in soon and everything just turns so bland with all the white and gray...

If I read books too fast, if i don't take the time to appreciate the story.

Anyway... I finished Breaking Dawn about 15 minutes ago. Yes, I read Eclipse in about 10 hours and Breaking Dawn in 9 or 10. I stayed up to 3am this morning reading... sometimes I get so engrossed in something that I just don't feel the need to stop. This should be fairly evident in the fact that I finished 4 books with at least 600 pages a piece However, I do know when I have to stop, I get crazy hungry when I'm up past 2 and a hungry me is not a happy me.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Twilight Saga, it's definitely on my list of rereads.

Has anyone besides me read Wraeththu?

If you haven't, its by Storm Constantine and I loved it so its high on my recommendation list. Go buy it, the subject matter will probably surprise you.

Hugs from your literary nerd,


So, a few days ago it turned really freaking cold. There were 30+ mph winds, it was absolutely frigid. It really hasn't gotten much better, still cold and windy. Winter is not supposed to hit this rapidly, even in Wisconsin.

Ok so a while back my mom changed jobs, I had high hopes that this would relieve some of the stress she had. Well apparently, I raised my hopes a little too high... I won't go into details. I just have to tell myself that as soon as I save up enough cash, I'm going to find an apartment and a boyfriend.

Oh, as to the question about why my boss doesn't go to church. He was raised Catholic, and married WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod). Another thing is that he essentially lives at the shop, I'm not joking there were a few weeks where I don't think he went home, so on Sundays he's taking care of some aspect of owning a business. He does come every so often, but only when business is really slow.

Off to dreamland, someone come snuggle with me.



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