OK Avatar is absofuckinglutely amazing! I saw it today with my one of my best friends. OMG the visual effects are stunning.

That is all for now.



The one thing I hate about Christmas is how much I have to eat.

Last night we went over to my dad's cousin's house for her annual Christmas party. That was loads of fun, I got to see my second cousins new baby boy hes freaking adorable! Well he's like 6 months old now so not technically new but anyway... I had a drink and one of my other relatives was all, "You can drink? I still remember you when you were little!"

Then tonight my grandparents and my aunt and uncle came over for dinner. 2 of their kids were supposed to come with but one was sick and the other wanted to spend time with his girlfriend. So we have so much food I could feed a small army... hmm I wonder what it would take to lure an army home cough cough... fun. For the next 3-4 weeks I'll be eating turkey and ham.

My grandma has finally realized that she can't do all the stuff she used to do, maybe. She fell down the basement stairs yesterday. Shes fine, just really sore and a few bruises on her thighs and back and a scrape on her head. I told her that if she needed anything at all that she get her butt on the phone and call me.

My waste of atomic mass brother in law is under house arrest for 2 1/2 years on a drug purchasing charge... He's a fucking retard... I have no idea what attracted my sister to him since I thought she was smarter than that. The great part is that hes my soon to be niece/nephew's father, so now I have to worry about that...

In other news I'm completely done with classes for the semester now and I'm all signed up for next semesters classes. Abnormal Psychology, Race and Ethnic Diversity, Arabic, Spanish, and German. That's right people 3 foreign languages, the class I was planning to take filled too soon and I needed 2 more credits to meet the full time student classification. So next semester I need to balance out 3 entirely different languages.

Other than that not much is going on right now, loads of prep for Christmas since we have dinner at our house Christmas day. Which means I end up cleaning the house once a day... I've dusted everything at least 3 times now.

And now my Christmas present for you all

TJ - Shadows by =FuzzyYak on deviantART

Hugs and Merry Christmas



The funny part is that I totally got tipsy with my mother there, and she paid for it!!!

Some of the people she works with invited her out, cuz one guy won half a keg, and my mother being the social butterfly she is decided to take him up on the offer cuz we would be on the Ave anyway.

I got my normal cherry vodka and Sprite but the bartender put in like 3 1/2 shots of vodka in the first drink and like 5 in the second one. So my body is in a rather pleasant state of, "I see my arm move and then I feel it move." I'm still coherent enough to use words like coherent, but my body feels fuzzy.

Just thought I'd let you know.... Hic!



The mighty lord Under Armor!

I am so happy I have Under Armor!!! Without it I most definitely would have frozen my already tiny tush off while I was blowing the 14-18 inches of snow we had in on Tuesday night. I woke up on Wednesday morning and the snow was almost to the windowsill in my bedroom. All this on our first real snow, I'm just worried that if we get many more storms the snow piles on the streets will get so high that you cant see over them.

Although, I am thankful for that much snow cuz it canceled classes on Wednesday!

Speaking of classes I took my Arabic final on Tuesday night, I hope I did alright on it. Thankfully it was an open book final so unless my ability to read mysteriously failed me I must have done fine on it (I don't even know why we took a final, the teacher said that we passed the class regardless.) Next week we're going out to eat for class, so I'll get to try some "authentic" Arabic food.

Next semester one of the classes I wanted to take filled up before I got registered, so in order to maintain the minimum 12 credits I need to stay on my parents health insurance I had to add another class. The class I was hoping to take was a bio course worth 4 credits that would have put me at 14, but since that was full I threw German in to bump me up to 12. So next semester I'm taking 3 languages! Now I just need to keep them all straight.

Hey all! Been a bit since it posted last but nothing incredibly exciting has happened recently.

I just got home from Starbucks, I was bored and wanted to do something so I met my friend Faith there. Now I don't drink coffee, the smell kinda repulses me, but it didn't smell that horrible. She had a paper to write so we chatted as she was typing. It was a good time and Starbucks has really good polar bear frosted cookies.

Today I went over to my grandparents house because they needed my help to put the Christmas tree up. So I'm getting the tree put together its a pre-lit fake tree so I'm hunting through all the branches for the plugs so it all lights up.

So I get everything plugged together and I ask my grandma if all the ornaments were upstairs or if they were still in the basement. She tells me that the box is right on the chair in the corner, now my grandpa is a woodworker and made ornaments for the family for 15+ years. So there were literally 500 ornaments ( a large chunk of which got sent to the 5 sons.) I know there are more boxes somewhere but my grandma is swearing up and down that the only box of ornaments is upstairs. I go downstairs and bring up 2 boxes of ornaments and she was stunned.

After we had lunch she asked me what time I got home after Thanksgiving at my uncles. I was silent for a second and then said "Grandma, I drove you home on Thanksgiving." She goes "Oh god, that's right. I had completely forgot." Now my grandma is 77 so forgetfulness is no surprise but it worries me sometimes that there really should be someone there to take care of her and my gramps.




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