I totally rocked the face off that presentation! That's not even the best part though, I took my math final before I gave the speech, so I'm pretty much done with 2 classes!

I still have to go to my Ethics class to listen to the other students projects, but other than that we eat the whole time. I just hope they have my final graded by Monday, I'd like to know my score ASAP.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We always go down to my uncles' house and have lunch there, it's loads of fun and normally involves the family Mario Kart Tourney. I'm usually in charge of keeping my younger cousins entertained, but seeing as they're 13-14 I think they can entertain themselves. Now the only question is do I want to try the strange wines one set of relatives brings or not...

Thanks to everyone who was willing to help me with my presentation! I have a ton of really good info now, and I'm sure presenting it will go well.



I need your help!

I need people from other countries to give me some of the ethical hot topics their country is dealing with. For example, what is your countries stance on abortion and how do you feel about abortion?

I was hoping to chat with Torchy and Dzyan but Dzyan is offline now and Torchy has been kinda incognito for the past couple days.

If you're willing to help I'll be online til midnight here (thats another 3 hours) and to 1pm tomorrow afternoon.

It's either you guys help me or I have to BS a good chunk (all) of it.

PLEASE HELP!!!! (I'll love you forever!)



I tracked down Dzyan and got his help! Now I just need info from 2 more people and my presentation will be FABULOUS!

I need to be out of this house before my mother babyproofs everything... So at what age do babies start crawling?

All this is brought on by my sister having a baby this coming February. We went changing table shopping tonight, and while we were at Babies'R'Us, my sister was looking at all the babyproofing stuff for cabinets and the corners of tables. I told her that the only things she needed to babyproof were the electrical outlets and the cupboard where you keep your cleaning supplies.

My sisters and I all made it through our childhood years alive, and I played with metal toys with small parts! Parents need to teach their children not to put everything in their mouths, not give them oversized toys. Parents need to let their kids play outside and eat dirt and scrape knees, not coddle them until they lose all ability to care for themselves. Hell, my grandpa made it through the Great Depression and he made scooters out of broken roller skates and boxes. If every fear of modern day parents came true none of us would be alive right now.

I also want to know what she's having so I can put a name to it, I'm tired of saying "my niece or nephew," I just want to say one label! Oh and for baby names they've picked Christopher Leroy for a boy and Genevieve... ummm... forgot the middle name... for a girl.



Ok, so I just finished watching the AMA's and I have to say that I'm kinda shocked and horrified by Adam Lambert's performance. I mean his publicists had a fit that he was on the cover of a gay magazine, and here he is shoving a guys face in his crotch and he's apparently into bondage since he had a guy on a leash and was whipping him with it.

Adam we all know that you're gayer than a three dollar bill, hell you're even more fabulous than me! But in my defense I can't pull off the covered in glitter look.

In other news, loads of drama on Friday night which lead to a very nice walk with my father. Assassin's Creed II is possibly better than sex and I can't wait for the threequel. I'm planning on gorging myself on Thanksgiving, and I really need to go see New Moon.

I'm excited that school is almost over! Just 3 more weeks and its Christmas break, now all I have to do is sign up for next semester's classes and find a means of income...

Ok, so me being me, I started to get crazy nervous about a half hour before the meeting. Which in my case means I either feel nauseous or incredibly hungry... I always felt that way before I ran a race in track.

Back on track, I wander outside the room until noon 30 when the faculty adviser showed up. As far as I know I'm totally the cutest guy there, but then again there's only like 4 or 5 college age students in the class.

The president walks in with a total afro and a voice deeper than mine, and it's a girl. But everyone seems nice and apparently I know at least one other member of the group, so it will be pretty interesting.

Oh and somehow I got wrangled into working a table for AIDS awareness... Still don't know how exactly that happened but whatevs.

I damn near punched my Spanish teacher today, he was being a gigantic douche to everyone and me in particular. The class is turned out to be a lot easier then I had expected, and by the time I really noticed how slow it was going I couldn't transfer up to the higher levels. I could teach that class, and I'd be nicer about it than him.

That's my day... now I'm sitting at home watching Dancing with the Stars with my mom, finishing up this post before I go stealthily assassinate Italians.



Tomorrows the big day! It's all Biki's fault too, she's all "you should totally go find out whats up with the gay support group at your school." So I went and talked to the faculty supervisor for S.A.G.A, Straight and Gay Alliance, and the next meeting is tomorrow at noon 30.

Ah, what do I wear? What if I get a giant pimple in the middle of my forehead?

jk jk I'm not that shallow. I already had my outfit picked out last week when I talked to her :P

I have to make treats for my ethics class on the 15th of December... what to bake... Anyone got any good recipes for something so sweet it rots your teeth before it even gets close to your mouth? I should bake a cake, I loves me some cake!

Apparently I'm a smoother talker than I ever thought. I had to give a presentation today and I BS'd the whole thing, gotta say not the first time I've done it but its never gone so smoothly or believably before.

This post is kinda random I know, but now I'm hungry for cake and the stuff from the grocery store just won't cut it.

I think I look totally amazing in this shirt!

I don't think I explained myself very well in my last post, even though it took me like an hour and a half to figure out how I wanted to word everything...

I didn't intend for my theory to sound as a form of birth control. I also didn't mean that there are more homosexuals now than there have been in the past.

I meant we can be far more visible now, because there isn't so much pressure to have a family, whereas when populations were highly volatile being affected by disease and war, the pressure to carry on the family name and have children were much higher. I'm sure that there were loads of gays in all of history, but they probably felt that the need to keep the family business in the family for generations would be more important than acting on their real desires.

@Ryan: I didn't intend to make it seem that gays would stop being gay, I meant that if i had to choose between having sex with men and saying screw the species and having sex with a woman to save our race, I would choose to propagate the species. I wouldn't necessarily enjoy the act, but I would feel that keeping the human race would be more important. Btw, I have a Yahoo Messenger and a Windows Live account (which as far as I can tell is msn) if you want to chat shoot me an email and I'll do my best.

@Naturgesetz: I feel the knowledge that there are nations with an overabundance of people "promotes" more gay relationships in those countries that are better off. I, at least, can not consciously have a woman bear my children when I know that there are children out there living in squalor, sure I would like to have a child that is biologically mine but I feel that if I adopted a child I would love it no less than if it had been created by me.

@Aek, Micky, Mom(Biki): I got nothing for you... as I cleared up the whole visibility thing in the third paragraph. I also can't think of anything to contest/complement your comments.



So as I said a few posts back my thought processes confuse the hell out of me sometimes, so this just kinda popped into my head and I went with it.

The topic for tonight's discussion is homosexuality.

Has anyone noticed the increase in gay or lesbian population in the last, I don't know, 30 years? Now to me there only seems to be a few options as to why this could happen.

Here is my "evidence" as to my opinions.

Ancient Greece, famous for its art, philosophy and sciences. Also well known for it's gay relationships. Greece was and still is a challenging nation to get across on foot or even by car, meaning the city-states could never interact the way our cities do. This essentially confined the cities to their respective valleys, meaning that when a city reached a certain point in population the need to reproduce declined so it could meet certain economic needs i.e. food, water, and shelter. They lived within a society where their infant death rate was dramatically lower than the "barbarian" civilizations of ancient Germany and France, so they didn't need to reproduce like rabbits to maintain their populations. Ancient Greeks, by my logic then, could concentrate on the things that made their civilization great, art, science, medicine and methods of sex that would result in overwhelming populations, cuz lets face it sheep skins aren't that great of contraception.

Now fast forward to today, with almost 7 billion people on this planet right now we're getting close to fallout status. Millions of people are starving, going without water, and living in slums. We can no longer afford continue to populate the earth as rapidly as we do. In leading nations such as the U.S. and most of if not all of Europe, there is an incredibly low infant mortality rate and our elderly generally live to be older than ever before. After World War Two there was a dramatic baby boom, in my own family my grandparents had 5 sons. Given these factors, and the already sorry state of the economy, we've subconsciously come to realize that we can't continue to expand our population as we have in the past, and have turned to homosexuality as an outlet for sexual needs without the danger of pregnancy.

If there were a pandemic, a real one not this swine flu crap, that wiped out a large portion of the worlds population, I honestly feel that the homosexual population would decline dramatically in an effort to save the human species. The drive to procreate is a huge part of all people, even gays, we've all heard stories about gay men and women fighting for adoption rights. This drive would override all sexual preference in the person and turn into a need to preserve the tribe/pack/gaggle insert your favorite term of venery.

Ok, that's me waxing philosophical. I know I'm insane, I myself don't understand how this topic came up in my head... But sometimes strange things just dawn on me. Sorry if this offends anyone... but it's my opinion, if you want to talk to me about it comment or send me an email.



I had a thought! I know scary, right? I am going to continue developing this thought today and make a very philosophical post later.

So as I said this morning its Wolfi's birthday, and you should all go wish him a happy birthday.

I volunteer at the performing arts center in Appleton and this week they had Rent, I worked on Wednesday and saw loads of cute guys. I also saw a woman's bare ass... when they were singing La Vie Boheme, the woman playing Maureen pulls down her pants and grinds on Benny the jerkoff trying to kick them out of their appartment/squat. I've also decided that "I'll Cover You" will be my wedding song.

I've been able to chat with Torchy, Biki, and Mr. GaGaa! I've also adopted Biki as my mother, she's totally awesome and her sense of humor is amazing and scarily similar to mine. I put that chat box on the side for you guys to chat with me... so if you don't use it you're missing out on my amazing wit and humor.

Other than that its been a pretty boring week. Classes are as gripping and intellectually appealing as ever, and by those two adjectives I mean drab and mind blowingly slow.

And now for some gratuitous eye candy!

noviembre sin ti by ~quemas on deviantART

Is Wolfi's birthday!!!

Go wish him a happy birthday!

I'll probably do another post later today but it's 1am and this boy should be asleep.

G'night/good morning



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