This was in an article on living longer and anti-aging techniques. This will be paraphrased cuz I'm too lazy to type out the whole article.

Slowing Aging... With Semen

Austrian researchers believe that a compound, known as spermadine, in human semen has a major effect on life span. It increases the life span of fruit flies by 30%, worms by 15%, and increases human cell life with 3 times as many immune cells living after 12 days compared to a untreated batch.

Now back to my witty repartee. This study essentially shows that every gay man should live longer, if they don't spit that is. I love stuff like this, I really want to know who thought to look in semen for an anti-aging material. I mean, I knew that there were fluids in semen that are meant to keep sperm cells alive in that evil place in a girls pants, but who would have considered alternate uses for it. Aek you should look into it and get some confirmation for me!

The baby is here!!!

It's a girl and she was c sectioned out at 6ish!

That is all.



I'm watching the Vancouver opening ceremony as I type this and I've got to say its freaking amazing!

But it doesn't come close to the my first remembered Olympic experience. The first time I was allowed to stay up far past my bed time was to watch the 1994 Lillehammer closing ceremony. I was 6 at the time so staying up till 10-11pm was a HUGE deal for me and the scope of the closing ceremony to me at that time was incredible. Hundreds of people running around in sync jumping in and out of the snow battling the evil dwarfs, and I think even fighting a dragon (I could be wrong, I was 6)

I've loved the Olympics since then and I watch as much of it as I can, even the "boring" stuff like ping pong or the grossly over muscled weightlifters. I love it all!

The eye candy athletes don't hurt either (the summer Olympics are better for that tho... not so many layers.)



No baby yet...

My sister went in at 7am this morning they induced her and at 7pm she was still only 1cm dilated so they sent her home and shes gotta try again on Monday.

Super UGH! I just want this baby to happen!

Started Japanese tonight, it'll be interesting. On the plus side theres a super cute boy in my class, don't know if hes gay but at least I'll have eye candy! German was last night, that will be my second favorite language after Spanish. Spanish is great for conversations but German is quite possibly the best language to be pissed off at someone in.



Well, my sister will be induced on the 9th, so sometime next week Tuesday I should be an uncle. She has decided that she'll try the first week by herself at home and if she gets really down she'll stay with us. (Funny thing this... when I'm depressed I don't really tell anyone.)

On this Friday I'm going down to Milwaukee to visit my friends! I haven't seen them in like 4 months so I'm pretty happy. Also I get to go to the baptism of my friends baby, these two friends just happen to be the same friends after who's wedding I was in a car accident. I just happen to not remember this accident due to a mild concussion... Either way the baby is freaking adorable and there will be cake! I love cake!!!

I'm getting really fed up with the Straight/Gay Alliance my school has... They keep volunteering me for stuff that I don't really want to do (one of my pet peeves.) I also seem to have been promoted to a position of authority, since I'm the only one with balls enough to challenge the lezzie president. Plus the faculty advisor keeps trying to change my religious beliefs, I didn't join to be converted to a new religion.

My main problem though is that we never do anything entertaining, since I've joined all we've done is go to meetings. I've brought this up a couple times in the meetings and while I get support from the group, I'm the only one who's willing to do the work for it. I can't be an activist all the time, I'm 21 years old and I need to associate with cute boys and have fun! But its not a dating club (not what I want I just want to get to KNOW people not have random sex) its a social awareness group which means for every gay rights event we have to be there, we're not supposed to shop at stores that do not support gay rights, we are only to eat gay friendly foods and have to do the happy homo dance every time theres a rainbow (now I'm just being ridiculous but you catch my drift.)

Classes are going well, I start German and Japanese next week. Arabic was canceled cuz there were only 2 people that signed up for the class... that's where the Japanese comes in. My abnormal psychology class is really interesting, I now know why I'm insane! It's amazing how fast the cycle of procrastination sets in, I've only been in classes for 3 weeks, I only have said classes on Thursdays and Fridays, and I do my homework either the night before or in the 3-4 hours before class.

PS: I've noticed like 6 of my newer followers are boy porn advocates. If this is the case please stop following me, I don't not approve of that nor do I want my blog to be associated with anything to do with that industry. Children are meant to be loved and cherished not exploited for some sick fantasy. Seriously.


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