Sometimes I'm too nice for my own good. One of the guys at work needed Sunday off cuz Saturday is his anniversary and Monday is his wifes birthday. So to save him from the holy hell of a pissed off pregnant woman, I said I would work for him. Nice of me but incredibly stupid of me... Sunday was supposed to consist of 2 jobs both of which were pretty small, now it has 3 jobs one of which will take at least 3 hours to do.

Last time I said I would work for someone I ended up sliding 23 feet down the top of a tent, flying 6 feet out from the side of the tent and almost impaling myself on a stake. I swear I'm just a glutton for punishment.

Classes are going well so far, and this coming week all of my language classes begin. So I'll work from 7am to 4pm and then go to class from 5:30 to 8ish on Tuesday and Wednesday. No incredibly cute guys in my classes so far but I have high hopes for my night classes and there are loads of hunks walking the halls during the day so I'm pretty happy there.

Well thats all I've got for right now,




Awww. :-/ That sucks. I'm often too nice for my own good. I have to start being an ass (some of the time), lol. Best of luck with everything!

Happy Holidays. I do hope everything is ok and this finds you well and safe.



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