Ok, I know I've been absolute shit at doing this, and I'm not going to make any excuses as to why I haven't been posting. Cuz lets face it we all know that when someone says they've been "extremely busy" it just means they've been too lazy or too busy wanking it to take the time to post something.

Sadly both of those reasons are probably true in my case. It also comes down to me not thinking I have anything interesting to say, even though I know anyone who still reads this blog would be happy with a simple update. Starting now, as a 22nd birthday resolution, I'm going to try and post something at least once a week even if its just a "hey this week sucked at work" post.

Ok, so whats happened since my last post... well at work I've moved into the office since both of the girls that were in there quit. This is good because I can have a full time job while going to school, which means I might be able to save up enough money to get my own apartment. Speaking of school, its started again which I'm quite happy about. I have 3 night classes and 2 day ones, so I'm in class all day Monday and I can all day the rest of the week.

In July, I flew to Texas for my friends birthday and I'm definitely thinking that I'll need to make that a biannual event. In June, my cousin got married and all but 3 of our extended family was at the wedding. It was a ton of fun seeing most of my cousins and hanging out with them, the only problem with the wedding was the dj was absolute shit, so we ended up going back to the hotel at like 11. In August, I worked and thats about it. Septembers barely started, so who knows whats going to happen, but tomorrows my birthday and I'm definitely thinking that a tattoo is in order for my gift to myself.

Thats about all I have at the moment so...

Love and loads of hugs,



Good to see you blog again. :-)

It certainly seems like a lot has happened! A tattoo eh? It seems like so many people are getting them nowadays.

Wow! I guess the rumors of you being abducted by the evil Alpha Digtonias was a lie. Whew, I'm very glad to find out that you are still here and safe with us on this wonderful blue marble we call home.

Miss you!

Glad to see you return Drew , and I damn sure hope you have a great Birthday!!!


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