Only a week left of school!!!

Oh I forgot to mention that I had to take my piercings out... I couldn't figure out a way to do my job and keep them in at the same time... so I decided that rather than having them rip out and make me scream like a little girl the first time I pick something super heavy up, I'd take them out and let them heal. I need to find a new way to be uniquely bizarre...

I've decided that in July I'm going to go to Texas and visit Eric for his 21st birthday (I've talked about him in a previous post or two). I haven't seen him in like a year and a half and I've missed him like crazy. He's one of the few people who fully understands that nine times out of ten when I say something it's meant as sarcasm cuz he's the same way.

Oh for anyone who hasn't checked out Torchy's blog he got himself a fondle and we should all be crazy happy for him! Go congratulate him!



PS: thanks to Sethy's surprisingly disturbing and disgusting comment I feel the need to state that there is no strange infection and there will be no gangrenous migration to any other part of my body.


One of the boys at work wears a band-aid across his earlobe every day. Apparently, his earring got pulled halfway out, and instead of doing something about it, he let it fester and infect and then it "migrated" itself out of his earlobe entirely or something, leaving some sort of gross earlobe disfigurement.

I have no idea why I felt the need to share that.

Cheers, and *hugs*

What do you do in your job that'd require you to remove your piercings?

Hurray for being done with school (soon)!!

Glad to hear the piercings are going. JMO, but I've never seen a piercing that I thought improved someone's appearance, except some earrings (which shows that my attitude is very much culturally conditioned — bit then so is everybody else's).

Sowwy :)

AEK: lots of jobs require limited or no piercings as part of dress code - special events, food, retail - (but then many do not since those industries tend to be much more casual anyway) - depends on the place
also i suppose in many parts of the corporate world, a metal-face appearance might not be the best way to win a job position

(not that there is anything wrong with it, just some places are more reserved than others, I guess)

(not that Drew is, either, just an example)

err.... *shuts up now*

Aek, I am a temporary shelter installer. At least thats what my boss likes to call it, I set up tents for festivals like Country USA in Oshkosh. You can see an example of my work in my Lingo of the land post from last April.


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