I'm 21 years old and I might as well just shave my head cuz where my cowlicks theres very little hair left... SO long story short I might be bald by the end of the week. I blame my mother cuz the bald gene is a X chromosome.

I start work tomorrow, yay... not. Get ready for posts with me bitching about how stupid people are!!!


Genes can suck big time! Yeah, my genes let me down in the height department, so I can feel your pain. Show your hair whose boss and shave the stuff off!

bald is good
or at least, repeat that to yourself over and over.
buzz the hair, i did. then i can pretend it's trendy and not that i have badly receding hairline and bald spot on top


Well, there are much worse things to inherit. :-/

I'm with you. I'm shaving my head before July 4th. I realized around the age of 19 that I started hating my haircuts and around 21 realized my hairline was why. Around 24 I accepted it, and now ~4 years later I'm calling it quits, lol

People´s stoopid get over it, lol.

Bald isn´t bad as long as you have the head shape the way you do, only problem might be that you could get a little cold :)

But you´ll look great, don´t forget to post a picture.


*looks around*

Sorry baby.. At least I'm sure you have a normal head mine is fucking big so when I go bald ima look like a lightbulb with legs!


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